Shuz invited me to see a fashion show for Festival Malaysia Inovatif last Friday night. Her final year collection was showcased - so freaking proud of you kiddo!! Although we arrived rather late but we did get to see her on the stage with her final look. Mimpi Kita sisters was there too, they did my nikah outfit for my wedding ♥

Beaded shoulder top from House of Allure
Tapered pants from The Shoplifters
Gold flats from Cotton On (RM25 for 2 pairs, bargain!!)

And then lepak session at mamak :) it really has been awhile since we last get together, and now you're all grown up and is a budding fashion designer. Awww tomeynya!

And as usual, webcam photos while waiting for my man to come back from work before we went to the fashion show.

Hope you aren't bored with me yet, went to Malacca last weekend with my family. More photos coming up soon!

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