I've only been home for 3 days and I've been to everywhere! Making up on the times where I can't meet my friends and spend time doing what I love most, shopping! :P

Me & Wondermom Dzu at Wondermilk.

She was so sweet, went straight out to find me as soon as I tweeted I was at Wondermilk. Knowing that it was Naz's birthday a day before she even gave us free cupcakes. It was really nice seeing u Dzu, you look radiant!

Blue polkadot scarf from IlsyaHijab, studded chiffon top and dark blue skirt from Pumpkin, vintage belt and a Chanel wannabe flats from Japan.

I'm still learning the whole lilit-lilit style of wearing hijab. Tried to do a Yuna style without the Maysaa satin wrap headband but failed. LOL. Met up with Emmy and had a delicious lunch at Penang Village TTDI, Penang Assam Laksa FTW!

I really admire this Lady Gagamelan's hijab style, and she only started wearing 'em a few months before me but she's soooo good at interpreting it into her quirky style. Saluts!

After spending some time resisting buying some stuff in One Utama (I managed to buy one olive long skirt from Forever21), we went to IAMJETFUELSHOP (Yuna's store) at SS15 Subang and I bought some stuff there - a scarf, a chiffon shirt and Yuna's cd.

Pardon my tired face.

I had fun coz I get to meet friends, spend some time with them and eat REAL foooood (as opposed to hospital food hehe). Anyway yesterday I went to Old Blossom Box wearing my new olive skirt, pictures later! ;)