Inspired by the color palette of Creatures of Comfort latest collection, I tried to do color-block outfit. Plus, I really wanted to wear the new maxi skirts I bought at The Mines hehe. Note to self: never ever start packing at the very last minute coz in the end you'll change outfits for like 3 times -_-"

Creatures of Comfort Spring 2011 collection via Refinery29

Probably a failed attempt at matching colors and posing in front of other thousands of tourists in Malacca:

Maxi skirt from The Mines.
Peach top from Zara.
Don't know where did pinkish purple pashmina came from, it was just in my closet.
Purple wedges from Nose.
Brown cardigan from Seed.
Vintage dark blue belt.

We stole a baby and took a rickshaw ride around town.

family ♥

I had fun last weekend visiting Malacca, just wished I had bought the silk pashminas at Jonker Walk. I always over think! Plus I was in a bad mood the whole day hmm... Anyways we rented an apartment at Ayer Keroh for the weekend and did all sorts of touristy stuffs. I'm glad Naz knows his way around coz he lived in Malacca during his uni years for over 5 years and every now & then I'd come visit. Malacca is a very small state so getting around was pretty easy, plus he already knows where to eat really good food in Malacca - asam pedas, gulai masak lemak, roti canai Makcik Penguin, kari Hjh Rahmah omnomnom...

Didn't take much photo coz my Lumix LX3's battery is broken so we only took photos using Naz's iPhone. One more outfit photo in Malacca coming up later :)

Here's a hint:


  1. haha makcik tu macam penguin sikit gaya dia, masak sedap tapi garang woooo! :p

  2. HAHAHAHA. suke hati culi baby org

  3. huhu takpe, mak bapak dia berserah je. LOL


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