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From writing up her own fashion blog before it was even the IT thing in Malaysia, to joining Project Runway Malaysia, and then opening Old Blossom Box consisting vintage & new stuffs which embodies her own style, working for Marie Claire Malaysia and daringly quit the job and became a fashion stylist for Shila OIAM (& then Intan Ladyana)... This tiny girl's achievement within the past 2-3 years is hands down mucho amazing, I'm utterly awed & inspired and so so proud of Miss Jezmine;

And she just opened up a physical store for Old Blossom Box (thank you so much for inviting me Jezmine!). It was a party full of bows, balloons, cupcakes, polkadots and all things nice. Pictures from last Saturday night:

Kish, Jezmine & me. I love that somehow we look color coordinated, but it was purely coincidental!

Girls that were taken outfit photos by In-Trend magazine (two pictures above from Edi's facebook;

Eka "minnie-mouse" Nazhwa (editor of SIEG magazine & fashionably blogs at Inverted Alpha) | Winner of best dressed, the theme was sweet candy and her dress looks like a yummy Paddlepop Icecream; Nadia "bunny-paddlepop-pumpkin" Hani :P

Me & Fafa, she's interning at Tongue in Chic and has featured me once :) | Kish, two uber friendly fashionsisters (Fira & Dayah) and me. Geez I'm tiny.

Posing for In-Trend magazine, nervous and I probably sub-consciously slipped in a few retarded facial expressions T_T
Was wearing; silk top and poofed polkadot skirt from Blueberry Bangsar, pearl bib necklace from Jujuwitata, Zara heels, a rainbow colored diamante hairband from Mydin, vintage chained clutch from 6teas.

The cutely decorated store:

Sweet-tooth bar, cakes & cupcakes by That Last Slice. So delicious, I only tasted 1 tiny slice of Choc Moist and I'm hooked!

The mini fashion show:

I love the lime green tutu skirt!

All in all, it was a great event and once again I'm very proud of you Mine, and you are such an inspiration to all of us ladies. Congratulations Old Blossom Box!

Naz the fiance surprised me by sneakily buying a vintage silk scarf from OBB for me, coz he thinks I like wearing scarves now... awwww. I heartchu big time panda. Thank you so much for driving me to the event, being my official photographer and mingled with my girlfriends ♥

p/s: Emmy said I looked like Maggie Gyllenhaal in the movie Secretary, yes/yes?


  1. babe!
    suke sgt ur polka dot skirt!!!!!!!!!!
    jom nnt pegi OBB sama2!!!

  2. adorable photos!

  3. hi ami, thank you for visiting my blog :) that means a lot!

    it seems you're having good time with your friends. i really like seeing one's pictures with their friends. how cheerful!

    oh, of course, i'll now add your blog under the 'cool blogs' section. i really look forward on being friends with you! :)

  4. Like in the fairyland full with candy and sweet :P

  5. ami you look gorgeous as usual, the skirt and blue heels are to die for! i actually gelak when i read your headband is from mydin but sometimes the cheap finds are the best!! hehe i remember buying a black chanel-inspired bag and my friends was ooh-ing and aah-ing over it until i ntold them it's from petaling street =P

    keep posting the beautiful pictures ya! and i love reading about your wedding updates ;)

    ♥, junee.

  6. congrats to jezmine for having launch her store. and u look pretty as usual! love the skirt! :)

  7. What an inspirational story! I love seeing smart women succeed in their professions. The store looks great and I LOVE those blue and white polka dot shorts ;)

  8. nice people,nice store,nice outfit,nice entry,nice pictures as well ;P

  9. saya nampak awak malam tu. tapi tapi saya macam malu lah nak tegur awak.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous colours! I love this photo set. And I definitely see a Maggie vibe.

  11. Fabulous pictures and looks like a really exciting event! I'm actually in awe of all those lovely colourful outfits, particularly your polka dots and strappy blue heels. Lovely!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  12. Your bright blue polka dotted skirt is wonderful!

  13. @yanny, ofcourse! anytime babe, just holla :))

  14. @vinda sonata, awww looking forward to being friends with you too :)

  15. @Tee, it was! and jezmine was the mother-fairy :D

  16. @Junee, mydin is like our own tiny walmart :)

  17. @heart charlie, know whatchu mean there. i feel so pumped up myself what more jezmine is my age and can't help but ponder what my accomplishment in life haha

  18. from pic je dah tau seronok...bes2... verangan nak bukak butik mcm ni...hhaha..n u sgt cnthek it


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