Chantilly L A C E

I look so 'garang' and thin, must be the poses. Trust me I'm not that way in real life.
WIWT: spiderweb lace top from Over Here, majestic futuristic laced necklace from Soak Republic, black equestrian style Daring Pants from The Shoplifters (available in Size S Black, last piece), faux YSL bag from Winkstick, faux YSL cage heels from I can't remember where I bought this loot :P

Better photo of the necklace from the seller ;)

This is what I wore about two weeks ago meeting up with my wedding dress designer, Amir Mirza & make-up artist Alfad. Anyways more update about the wedding preparation. Last week even before we pay our deposit, those two best friends already ordered a whole set of new accessories for me (well, I can't tell you much but from what they told me it's gonna be awesome). Brand new tiara, necklace/choker and even a ring if I wanna wear it. The accessories will complement the design on my wedding dress, once again I'm told to keep my mouth and hands shut coz it's gonna be a big surprise. *inhales exhales inhales exhales*.

Then last Sunday we went to most probably the largest fabric store which is rather famous for all the aunts and moms and brides-to-be as a resource to make their dresses and traditional clothes, Jakel. Best thing about having Amir & Alfad is that they are super friendly decent guys, before we went into the store, once again we go through all the designs and make confirmation on certain things that all of us had in mind. Amir showed me his sketches and it was so lovely, I REALLY can't wait for it to be materialized!

Then in Jakel, since Amir once worked there as a visual merchandiser we got one of the best prices, up to 70% off (!!!!!). If any of the brides-to-be want to know any details, just email me for more info. And mind you, he showed me all the choices there is to pick and of course we already know what type of fabric that we needed and the main point was to either choose the high-end / medium-priced fabric which can fit into our budget. Up and down we go, from 4th floor to 3rd and back to 4th, back & forth. One of the best part was, and I really do never say this enough, all Naz really wants to do was to make me happy and he agreed to almost anything that can result to seeing me smile a hundred billion gigawatt radiance. Sigh, I'm blessed to have this guy by my side. After that, Alfad & Amir even helped us chose the fabric set for our parents and bridesmaid/bestman (pengapit)'s attires. I'm so so so happy that we got exactly the color we wanted ♥

We probably spent about 4 - 5 hours in Jakel, but the guys are still amazingly up to beat!Right after that, Amir reconfirmed with me and asked whether I was satisfied or not with everything so far and honestly, I cannot be more satisfied. Being totally hands on about the my wedding dress? Come on, its every girl's dream! We had our lunch at SEMUA House and walked to Nagoya Textiles to buy curtains for our dear mothers. My house is still under renovation and they just painted the living room in blueish grey. Alfad diligently and cleverly picked out a dusty pink satin to go with rose pattern sheer curtains. Such a good choice since my wedding theme is gonna be lilac and dusty pink does goes with the wall and my altar. And for Naz's house, we chose a gold yellow colored satin with tiny black squares and light yellow sheer curtains.

Then, we parted ways with Amir and Alfad since they have helped us a lot eventhough they really didn't have to. They sorta missed going to Anugerah Juara Lagu 24 because of us! Amir designed Black's & Tomok's attire for that night. So sorry you guys didn't go, we didn't know or else we wouldn't actually put you guys through all the hassles.

Anyways, me & Naz went to SOGO afterwards and made our purchase for our hantaran. For me, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume and a few cosmetics, for him Givenchy Play and few skincare items from Givenchy. Moved on to Midvalley to look for a suitable pair of wedding shoes for me. Nothing that I liked and we had dinner at Domino's Pizza.

Arrived home in time for Yuna's performance on Anugerah Juara Lagu and I literally passed out on the sofa with my make-up on, right after the winners were announced. What a tiring day, as I tweeted; our feet's aching but doesn't matter as long as our heart's soaring :)

p/s: Praying hard everything will go as planned, I'm so afraid that I'll jinx it if I talk too much about it. But can't help myself from sharing all the fun stuffs eeek -_-

p/s again: Okay as Adelene said, this can actually serve as a diary for the older married me in the future. Thanks dear, I feel better now :)