Garden of R O S E S

H&M Garden Collection, due out on March 2010.(via Nitrolicious)

Falling head over heels for the red roses blazer, anybody who knows me well enough would know how much I love blazers & jackets and the red roses would be just the hint of hopeless sappy romantic that I am (one of the reason why I still love 500 Days of Summer no matter how ridic it may seem to some people hehe). I'd probably wear it with black long tee dress to edge out some of the femininity. Add a strand or two of necklaces, with a large jade shade ring and a black clutch. Which reminds me, I don't have a clutch at all! I love large bags, easier to carry around junks. And then I'd probably wear a pair of classic black pumps (which I do not have!!) or with my black studded boots.


Dream on! We don't even have H&M in Malaysia.
Anybody wanna help me buy the blazer when it comes out? *puppy eyes*

Oh the perforated laced tee looks nice too by the way. Hmm..

p/s: Fiance just told me the rose jacket is awesome; other than the fact it can be worn for evening tea with the loved ones it can also be used as an accessory on the altar/pelamin -_-