Dreamy Lacy Quirky

3.1 Philip Lim Resort 2010 via

Loving every color tones, soft drapes, skittish lace work with light denims. So airy and light. Perfect for summer. Honestly I'm not much of color girl, I'm terrible at color clashing my outfit which in the end I'll only chose two main colors with only one stand-out color. Usually black & white + color (accessories). FAIL. I'm even worse at mixing prints, I'll only end up changing everything before I walk out the house. Also I'm always a lil to matchy-matchy even though that's so old school or boring in some people's opinion. But I guess it's better to wear something that will make me comfortable rather than checking the mirror every few seconds. I'm sure there are some of you who agrees with me, no? ;)

The above exudes my shy persona in such a way that I wish I have the whole collection in my wardrobe! That light denim jumpsuit, lace crop top, drapesy ckirt, rock sign tee, jackets jackets, blazers, airy shorts and yes, I think the last goldish pants would also be a perfect must-have items. No, I am serious! It's GOLDEN!



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