Dark Flowers

Suddenly coveting for a dark floral cardigan, but maybe not worn with that rubber band denim short ;) She's pretty much perfect, she can wear anything she wants the way she wants it. citizencouture.

Hello people, so Ferdows & KitschKid bugged me to talk about my life instead of just posting nonsensical lovely pictures. Can't I just tweet though? :P I find that twittering is just so much easier. It's like sending a short text message to the whole world, I mean it is isn't it? I rant, pant, cuss and tell my dreams in that short 160 lot of space. I hardly find the need to blog anymore! Except to stalk you people in my bloglist ;)

Though it is a lil bit too awkward having corporate bodies to follow my tweet, I mean what do you wanna know?? And how da hell did you guys find me? Also, I'm suspiciously wondering who is the person behind the twitter for these people. I'm suspecting @tinatheseducer to be the twitter-er for Maybank @1u2u. Among them would also be Sleeping Bank (CIMB), why would they name themselves as Sleeping Bank??? KLManagement is also following my tweet, and probably yours too rite? AWKKKKKKK-WARDDDD. I mean I talk about poop sometimes! And in the case of people following my tweet, I wouldn't follow back unless I know who that person is lah. It's really weird to listen to other stranger's thought being pushed into your mind like that, by me with a tiny blue-green pop-up window updating the status of people i follow every 5 minutes at the corner of my browser. Very convenient one, you should use this if you're a Firefox user. It also works as a miniature chat thingy. Loooove.

Ooh, you guys should follow @theshoplifters so that you know what the hell is going on with your items of future purchase. Heh. Yeah yeah, we're everywhere *rolls eyes*

Though I'm not really sure if those corporate bodies above are the real deal, they could just be spammers. One day you're just jiggling around twitting about the blazer you missed on sale and the next second a @PortlandBlazers decides to follow your tweet! Well, jyeah no thanks. Be careful not to follow people who suspiciously invites you to get a free Vaio or Louboutin with a link on it's status. Especially if they have like 3 tweets and follows a million people around, yeah those are spam twitter I suppose, or virus spreader. Kinda like the ones in your spam mail.

Woah, did I just blogged a whole page about twitter? Damn I'm such a nerd T____T. Whatevs, I'm gonna end this by sharing one information I did not tweet nor told anyone yet.

He surprised me last Sunday (before he left to Japan) by taking me to a jewellary store for me to choose my engagement ring. The design I chose is similar to above, but with conventional yellow gold ♥

Imma happy happy ^-^


  1. Haa mcm ni lah! Haha.
    Eh kenapa I tak ada twitter eh? Very a caveman. Not following current trend:P

    Btw, cincin cantik!:)
    Btw Ami, which one u prefer eh between yellow and white gold? Ada org kata white gold harga takde?
    (I tanya mcm Kak Pora plak)

  2. waaa....ami besnye....ssgt santekk...lovely gitu...

    btw..doesnt matter white or yellow gold....yg pntg ia special di hati kita..

    harga or nilai x pntg...for me lah...

    sbb for engagement n wedding ring..bkn utk dijual beli..ia adalh harta tidak ternilai yg kekal abadi...cewaahhh...

  3. wah wah wahh.. senyum lebaq la tu..

  4. @ferdows, woah lamanya saya nak reply comment huhu. maaf banyak commitment ^-^

    for me white gold tu more modern compared to yellow gold. more trendy and up to date, but yeah if we look at it on the long run white gold kurang bernilai (dari segi harga ya bukan sentimental value) berbanding yellow gold huhu.

    i like both actually, but for something as special as an engagement ring, i pilih yellow gold.

    sila buat twitter account! aahahaha

  5. @anil, ngeeeeeee trimas trimas.. memang betol ckp anil tu. tak kisah le black gold ke putih ke yang penting what it represents kansss?

    aww, eh kita belom dapat kad jemputan awak lah! :S

  6. @ms weed, senyum gak tapi cincin tu bakal tunang yg simpan sebab saya ni senang la sangat lupa barang letak mana.. hahah bahaya!

  7. oh my goodness. im happy for you (: by the way i gotta say, i love your blog love <3


  8. awww thanks lyssa! <3 *blushes*

  9. i miss you writing like this hoho anyhooo happy for you yang :)


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