Purchases + Penyangak Featured;

Okay so many things happened this week so I'm gonna list the highlights:
  • Launched The Shoplifter's Leftovers this week and so far the sales makes my little pocket happy. Below are two of my available items, selling for less than RM30 each! (sorry, wrong info yesterday)

  • Bought a pair of hot damn boots, coming soon into my arms, turns out Schuhz also grab hold these pair once she saw them. We do have the same taste on shoes ;)

  • Also grabbed an awesomely sweet asymmetrical ruffle hem long cardigan named Carrie

  • Pherry Clucker won RM550 in this Kutu game we're playing at the office. He got first place on the vote. Thaaat will go to our Jakarta tickets this December. Wooh!
  • Best thing of all, The Shoplifters were interviewed by Tongue in Chic and the article is out today!!!!!!!!!!! Please leave nice comments :P
  • Gosh, The Shoplifters is just 2 months old and so evolving she's a big gurl already and i'm a proud momma sangat2!
  • That vintage necklace I bought for RM38 broke off after twice of wearing it! Watakwan? Never ever gonna buy again from xx.

Okay tu saja, selamat berhujung minggu! Esok saya kerja .................... >:(