[FASHION] WIWT: Baby-G Tough

I was wearing:
MAGLifeStyle crumple scarf / MNG dress c/o Lin ♥ / AZORIAS blazer / Lestari necklace THEPOPLOOK / Girl's Generation Baby G Watch ♥ ♥ ♥

Gawdd I miss my slightly problematic far from perfect but easy to cover up skin..... I'm currently having a terrible reaction towards a skin care product I've tested which resulted in major breakouts and rashes and dry patches on both my cheeks and chin. These pictures were taken in mid of September when my skin was still dry as the dessert but was a lot fuss free compared to what I'm having now. Anyways on that day I went to BlackBerry Z10 launching with Anne & Natasha, met with Rene from KREE for coffee & lastly went to MYC Fresh Faces Search Launching event

But hey let's talk about my new watch! Hello, 29 years old also wanna wear Baby G watch huh? Like, why the hell not right? It's cute, it's sporty and it doesn't make me look less than a lady. Uh-uh, not one bit!

Love that my watch is in the TOUGH category hehe, kinda resembles my spirit ♥
There's also CUTE & COOL category, quite interesting. Which one is more YOU?
For more info on these cute Baby G watch, go to Casio's Facebook page:


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