[FASHION] LONGCHAMP Private Blogger Party, Pavillion

Lucky for me, 2 days ago I was selected to be included among princesses & queen bloggers to attend this private blogger party by Longchamp (I'm hardly a princess, more like a pauper). This was also to commemorate the soft launch / opening for Longchamp's new store at Pavillion. It was so new, even the Pavillion staffs on the floor didn't know where it was and kept leading me on the wrong way. Finally after walking around like a mad woman for a good 10 minutes I found my way and it was such an easy place to find I feel like slapping myself. If you've been to Pavillion, it's right next to MAC cosmetics store, quite easily near the main entrance to your left.
This 1500sq ft Malaysian exclusive store continues Longchamp’s relationship with the region and will be Longchamp’s largest store in Malaysia. It is the latest expression of Longchamp’s global store design concept, which brings together the historic heritage of this family company with its creative, contemporary products and elegant style.  The impressive new store features light and colour-filled spaces, creating a unique experience for customers and visitors. 

Founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, Longchamp is still owned and managed by the Cassegrain family. Initially specializing in leather-covered pipes, the company expanded into small leather goods in 1955, and into luggage and handbags in the 1970s. In 1993, it launched Le Pliage®. The iconic foldable design in brightly colored canvas with leather trim is probably the world's best-selling bag, with more than 26 million sold to date. Alongside its latest interpretation, Le Pliage® Cuir, it contributed significantly to sales of €454 million in 2012. This represents an impressive 75 per cent growth in only three years and a 16 per cent sales increase over 2012.
Derek was explaining to us bloggers about Longchamp brand and their latest collection, over drinks & scones none the less ♥ but I couldn't get my eyes off the colorful folded leather bag right in front of me XD

And then we were told we can pick up one Longchamp bag of our choice! Everyone just went all crazy >.<

Basically we were all trying out every single bag in the store figuring which one would best suit our personal style.. 
Clearly we have loads of thinking to do!

Derek explained that women’s clothing entered the world of Longchamp in 2006 and has been largely confined to a few, elegant, easy to wear pieces. 2013 sees the collection grow and mature to feature outerwear, trousers, skirts, dresses and blouses. The Fall 2013 collection interprets the season’s light-and-shade theme in contrasts of colors and textures. In particular, a series of two-tone pieces epitomize the graphic, pared-down mood, with touches of fur and color for added luxury. For the first time ever in Malaysia, the new store will see the highly anticipated launch of the Women’s Pret a Porter (RTW) and Shoes collections, while expanding on its Men’s Collections. These discrete areas allow Longchamp to showcase new collections, celebrate its creativity and show the quality of its craftsmanship to best advantage; while visitors can easily navigate their way around the store and enjoy Longchamp’s excellence.

Shoes (launched in 2012) are the logical next step for Longchamp and 2013 will see the collections come into their own with flats, heels, open-toes, boots, low boots and sneakers. Each collection will mirror the label’s handbags and ready-to-wear for the season, with some styles available in eight to ten shades.

And then............... We're back to deciding which one to bring home, coz clearly this is one major decision to be made!
Spoilt with choices! ♥

Once in a lifetime chance to camwhore with blogger queens & princesses in Longchamp. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!

In conjunction with the opening of the new exclusive store, Longchamp is also offering its personalisation services, Sur Mesure, for a limited time in the month of November 2013. Fans of Longchamp take head, this is your chance to create your very own Le Pliage  with as selection of colours, shapes and sizes that you can tinker with to your heart’s content. While the service was previously only available online in certain countries,  Malaysian Longchamp fans can now rejoice, as the Sur Mesure service is now available, sans hassle, at the new Longchamp exclusive store in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, for the month of November. 

The Sur Mesure service allows one to customise up variations of the Le Pliage, and the options are endless. At the Boutique, you will get to decide which of the myriad of colours available you prefer on your bag, followed by your choice of hardware, length of handle, and more excitingly, whether to embroider or emboss your initials on the bag, making it your very own one-of-a-kind Le Pliage bag, avoiding that fashion faux-pas of ever being seen carrying the same bag as anyone else.

Each bag takes up to 8 weeks for processing, as each order will be made in Longchamp’s original workshop to maintain Longchamp’s utmost importance of quality. So visit the new Longchamp exclusive store in Pavilion soon, if you want your very own customised Le Pliage bag in time for the New Year. 

STEP 1: Choose your ideal size.

STEP 2: Choose your preferred handle length.

STEP 3: Choose your favorite color (15 choices each for main & highlight color)

STEP 4: Choose your preferred hardware (metallic / bronze / golden)

STEP 5: Choose your signature's finishing (embroidery and/embossing)

Voila! Are you all excited yet??

Start dreaming about your customized Le Pliage tonight and head on over to Longchamp Pavillion tomorrow! ♥ ♥ ♥

contact. : 03-2141 9411

and thank you Person Edge! ♥

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