[LIFESTYLE] Dzul Dental Clinic - Braces?

Had an interesting invitation early last month, to wear braces.. and the procedures will be FULLY SPONSORED by the clinic. I immediately agreed to it without even thinking it through. I mean, I've always wanted to straighten my crooked teeth but just never had gotten around doing it and when opportunity like this appears you just gotta grab it right? Plus, the clinic who offered me belongs to Dzurina's father, Dzu is the wonderful owner of +WonderMilkCafe. Yeah the cute dental clinic right above +WonderMilkCafe at Uptown Damansara.

"A reliable family oriented dental practice established for more than 30 years specialising in orthodontics, dental implants and aesthetic dentistry."
address: 39M, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
contact no: Damansara Utama Clinic: +603-77284297 Ampang Park Clinic: +603-21611868

Yes yes, enjoy your happy smile before the torture begins. Honestly I've always been afraid to go to the dentist all my life, I hate seeing/knowing someone in a creepy mask just poking, slicing and doing God knows what in my mouth. Just feels like someone entered your house without permission kinda thingy. Jyeah, it's silly I know.. The last time I went to the dental was about 3 years ago before I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, I did scaling and little that I know that my sore & swelling bloody gums which seems like it lasted forever were signs of the disease. Ah well...

The cozy space of Dzul Dental Clinic.

Just kidding folks! XD

It wasn't that bad honestly, the doc really knew what he was doing and I almost felt nothing. The nurse was good with suction too. Heh.. It was also a good thing that we find out that my blood didn't took such a long time to stop bleeding and they were clotting quite fast - signs that I have enough platelet. Alhamdulillah ♥

It is quite surprising to know that he even has patients as old as 50+ years old who just finished their braces procedures. I did had that mentality that I might be too old to start because usually it's kids or teens who wear braces the most, he totally read my mind....

Doc listed out my dental plan and all I know is okay, okay I'm gonna do this. I gotta be brave. He said at most he will be extracting four of my teeth. Ouch! I did ask can it be painless and he quietly said yes.. I just have to trust him on that I suppose...

Don't worry doc, I'm listening! :D

I was also required to do a dental X-Ray at Damansara Specialist, which until now I haven't yet... eeek! Time just got the better of me, really should get it done this week. Also do the latest blood test and get consent from my oncologist saying I can go through this procedure. Loads of stuff! 

I really love that the clinic has an open window, I mean I can just jump right off when things get tough right? Just kidding, just kidding! The retro feel of this whole look is pretty apparent too, don't cha think? :)

Thanks Doc Anas for all the help & explanation. I promise I'll check off the list of things you want me to do by this weekend coz hmmm I think my wisdom tooth just erupted through the gums and abrasively irritating my cheeks. NEED YOUR HELP! *cry*

Went down to +Wondermilk Cafe as soon as I finish my session with the dentist. Called up Tasha & Rene and while waiting for them I played around with my new camera Casio Exilim TR15 ♥

I totally love that remote feature that I can control from my iPhone, no more excuses not to take self OOTD aka Outfit Of The Day anymore!
Glitter Scarf from Eiliya Boutique / Top from THEPOPLOOK / Watch Girl's Generation Baby G from Casio / Pants, Noona from FashionValet / Heels from The Calaman.

If you're thinking of doing braces or any dental procedures, pay DZUL DENTAL CLINIC a visit!
Btw thanks for the feedback peeps on instagram! ♥

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