[TRAVEL] Part 1: Lost World of Tambun Trip

This is probably one of the most looking forward to trip of the year so far, because!

♥ I get to join Butterfly Project, all them pretty blogger girls! And Maha and Henry the photographer hehe.
♥ I've never been to Lost World of Tambun despite having my hometown only one hour away from there & my sister lives in Ipoh as well. 
♥ Probably my first time joining such a holiday group tour, time to mingle and make some new friends *shy*
♥ Everything is fully sponsored! Thank you so much KTM Malaysia for the comfy ride & Lost World of Tambun Hotel & Park for the hospitality.

Anyways, a day before we're supposed to go, we received detailed instructions from Mama-san Tammy & her team to arrive promptly at 730am at McDonalds, KL Sentral because our train will depart at 815am. Honestly I didn't know what to pack for the 2 days 1 night trip but Mama-san said "It's only a short trip meh no need to bring your whole closet waaan!" I failed to comply, lol! Brought more than I needed in a suitcase and a hand carry tote bag. 
One group photo before departure, with the people from KTM Malaysia who were so nice to accommodate us 30 bloggers ♥

Actually this was not my first time travelling by ETS (Electric Train Service) by KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) Bhd, and it has always been a pleasurable journey, never one that disappoints. In fact ever since ETS to Ipoh was available since the year 2010 and has been going strong since then. I feel like this train service is the best Malaysia has to offer currently in terms of public transportation. I definitely choose to board the ETS every time if I need to go back to Ipoh (if Naz can't go with me) compared to boarding a bus. Comfortable is an understatement, even driving by yourself won't be as comfortable as this. I kid you not! For a Gold Coach ride KL Sentral - Ipoh it's only RM35, very affordable! Oh and it's only RM28 for Economy Coach ;)

Bloggers ALL ABOARD! Check out 'em happy faces, no worries if you have carry on bags because you can put it on the rack above you and if you have a large trolley bag just put it at the front row where's there space in front of the TV.

A train stewardess (is that what she's called? heee), will come and check your ticket while riding.

The route of ETS.

A small cafe in case passengers get hungry ;)

A mini television showing movie of the ride, incase you get bored. Oh by the way if you're seated next to the wall, check under your seat for power socket for you to charge your phone, tablets or laptop. So convenient right?

Berangan mode is ON! Lol... You'll definitely enjoy the green scenery & old town buildings all the way ♥
Here's Illy, surprising us peeps with travel beauty kit for each and every one of us. So exciting!
Me & Nanie got ours, wohooo!
Happy ladies & gent, hehe :D

I immediately instagram-ed my travel beauty kit from the Butterfly Bloggers Project power ladies. The cute Rilakkuma cookie was baked by Mama-san Tammy's own sister, how sweet is that?! And awww the bag even came with a personalized love letter... awww you guysssss ♥ ♥ ♥

Content of our Travel Beauty Kit consists of everything we need and even more!

SUNPLAY Super Block Highest SPF 130 PA+++
L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Mythic Oil Shampoo & Hair Mask
TT Mask Malaysia for the Rejuvenating Face Mask
LIFEBUOY Hand Sanitizer
KINOHIMITSU J'pan Pro-White & UV Bright Drink
LUX Soft Touch Body Wash
MAYBELLINE Baby Lips SPF20 Lipbalm
JOHNSON & JOHNSON Oxygen Fresh Body Gel Lotion
ESMERIA ORGANICS Glass Wort Facial Travel Set
BISOU BON BON Mozzie-A-Go-Go Insect Repellant (organic!)

We're so lucky to have such nice sponsors ♥

After two hours ride which literally felt like nothing because we were enjoying ourself so much we hardly get any sleep, we finally arrived to our destination in Ipoh!

Excited and can't wait to get ourselves to Lost World of Tambun!!

LOL no they were not saying that. Sorry Firdaus & Syawal for the joke, I just had to :D
Anyways these dashing peeps are our tour guide from Lost World of Tambun and they were very friendly and accommodating. The journey from Ipoh train station to Lost World of Tambun took around 30 - 45 minutes depending on the traffic. 

Check out Tammy in the second row on the left enjoying the warm towel the boys handed out to us to refresh ourselves. Haha!

Stay tuned for Part II & III of Lost World of Tambun Trip ;)

Special thanks to:
Henry Lee of I AM STUDIO for photos
♥ ♥ ♥

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