Sunsilk: HijabKu GayaKu

SUNSILK, who doesn't know this brand who's well known for it's Lively Clean & Fresh Shampoo And everytime I see the color green, I'd definitely associate it with Sunsilk - and the feeling clean & fresh. The latest engagement from Sunsilk is the Hijabku Gayaku campaign. I looooooooooooove the campaign because my friends are the one featured in it! Teeheee, couldn't be anymore proud of my girlfriends ♥

And have you heard? If you are an aspiring Fashion Designer or a SuperModel In The Making, especially if you are wearing hijab then I must urge you to enter this easy breezy Sunsilk competition!
All you have to do is submit your fashion sketches themed London, Paris or New York if you aspire to be a hijab fashion designer!


Submit photos of you modeling in theme London, Paris or New York holding a Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh product, if you aspire to be a hijab supermodel!

Your fashion sketches will be turned into a collection & selected models will wear 'em on the runway of Islamic Fashion Festival end of this year! So exciting am I right?? :D

Photos can be submitted at SUNSILK FACEBOOK APP & competition ends on 30th July 2013. 

Now should I join, mehhhh I'll let you young gals join!! Send in your photos now! ♥ #SunsilkCnF


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