A Day on The Runway

Some photos of me & the other girls in action for Diana Amir x Melinda Looi fashion show. Honest to Allah, I really didn't expect for it to be in such a huuuuge hall with royalties, banquet tables filled with VVIPs and fashion folks & a whole lot of medias. Plus, I was appointed the first to go among all the bloggers & celebrities. I almost wanted to faint (also because I woke up so early to prepare salads & juices to pack and go for the whole day, which I only ate the fruits and drank half the juice lulz), I tried to cool down and just observed the professional Andrew Models on the runway and well y'know copy-cat them haha. Alhamdulillah all went well, I didn't fall off the runway and walked as cat-like as I can hahaha! Too bad I didn't ask anyone to take photo of me strutting but here's some of the day:

With the other ladies who graced the runway: Shea, Heliza Helmi, Salima Habibi, RNadiaSabrina, Anis Al-Idrus, Ameera Zaini, Lynda Roslan, me & Editor of Hijabista Magazine, Kak Suzi.

Hardly a celebrity -___-"

Diana Amir, Maya Karin, Melinda Looi, Ameera Zaini, me & Aishah Sinclair ♥

With darling Diana Amir after the show finished ♥

With designers backstage, Diana Amir & Melinda Looi ♥

This outfit & scarf can be purchased at Fashion Valet & The Pop Look.

I was also lucky to meet The Pop Look girls that day! Thanks so much girls for saying hi ♥

And that was it! A day of being a runway model for a prestigious Malaysian fashion designer, the next day I stayed home all day nursing myself haha but all in all I wouldn't trade my place with anyone. It's a memory to honor & to keep, forever ♥

Thanks Diana Amir & Melinda Looi!



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