Mia Mikhail: Colorful Telekung for Aidilfitri

Mia Mikhail, a brand founded & designed by 3 gorgeous & creative sisters about a year ago. Jehan, the youngest sister told me they tried their hands on a lot of stuffs when they first started and finally found their niche; the colorful telekung (prayer clothes). They started solely on facebook and has expanded their fan base over 90,000 within a year! It's no wonder, something so good must catch on ever so quickly with words of mouth am I right? With their effort of providing a cool, contemporary yet versatile & comfortable telekung for muslimah everywhere, they started off by using lycra premium as their material but has since then upgraded to exclusively made lycra premium for Mia Mikhail and has always worked on providing the best for Mia Mikhail's customers. Their telekung are all free size yet suitable for any height & size and their most prided feature is on the face feature which can suit any type of face size! Honestly this is my first time attending a 'telekung' fashion show and I'm impressed by their workmanship and professionalism! 

See the box up there? That's the exclusive gift box for personalized gift or even bulk corporate orders especially for Aidilfitri, at the same time anyone who purchases during the month of Ramadhan will receive sampul raya Mia Mikhail! I think it's a great chance to present your mother, grandmother, sister or besties with telekung this Ramadhan from Mia Mikhail. As for the price, it starts from RM150 up to RM200. Quite affordable considering the quality!

As you can see, Mia Mikhail provides tons of colors to choose from but wait this is only about half the portion of colors as they said during this Ramadhan they will launch up to 40 colors! Wow that's a LOT! 
And that's not all, they will also launch kid's range of telekung for kid's age 4 - 6 and 7 - 12. Price starts from RM90. So cute! The girls can match along with their moms! ♥

Mia Mikhail also has a reseller scheme, therefore they have their products all over the country and neighbouring countries as well including, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia and recently they just expanded to Australia. You can get a chance to try on their items at these reseller agents (certain of them owns boutiques) and of course the future plan of Mia Mikhail is to open up a boutique of their own and expand more of their range of products.

Coincide with Mia Mikhail's 1st anniversary, the wonderful ladies has also created a collection of baju kurung for Aidilfitri; a collection named Mishary. The price range starts from RM190 - RM300 and what's even more wonderful is that they have sizes from S - L but their standard size is larger than normal! Orders will open soon in Ramadhan.

Find out more & purchase your colored telekung today!

With the lovely sisters behind Mia Mikhail ♥

With Efffa (Teduhan Kasih) aka the soft spoken Sherry Ibrahim & ever so friendly host of the day, Hazrena Kassim of WHI TV3 ♥


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