Raya Shopping: Pop your Raya Look!

When I received the parcel from, I was ecstatic especially when I put it on to go for Eiliya Boutique launching last weekend; So far, THEPOPLOOK dress has the best fitting on me and it made the dress looked like it was custom made to fit! What's even more amazing is that the whole dress was double lined, although the chiffon they used are not see through at all but the fact that they used lining for the whole dress makes it so much more awesome! Especially priced at only RM129, it's totally worth it. And I have seen a LOT of raya dresses & outfits therefore I would like to reward THEPOPLOOK for best value for money ♥ 

As for the cotton scarf, I love the half moon cutting and the light heaviness of the cotton which made it stayed on as my veil despite that I only used minimal pins to secure it on. The print is also quite unique, I'm not a floral kinda girl so this geometric floral print has made me fall head over heels ♥

That also made me wanna order the other color for this dress, gladly they restocked! Let's check out their whole range of POPPY RAYA 2013 :)

I have worn so many pieces of THEPOPLOOK designs before and I'm utterly satisfied by their designs & product. Simple, modest & graceful. Suitable for every age & size (they have sizes from S - XL!) And affordable too! Price range for maxi dresses & kurung sets is RM86 - RM149. Yep, under RM150! Their raya shawls & scarves are only selling at RM36 and I simply love that they have a wide range of colors. So this raya season, THEPOPLOOK has decided on floral theme. I'm super glad I found something that I love, I mean come on there's always something for everyone when it comes to THEPOPLOOK right? With their superb customer service & high quality products, I'm sure their hundreds of thousands of fans would agree with me, aye ;)

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