Raya Shopping: Anggun Raya 2013 with @Kreé

Kreé is a locally designed & manufactured fashion label which is spearheaded by Creative Director, Afiq Mohamed. Each design is exclusively made with limited pieces therefore especially for raya you don't wanna look exactly like your neighbor or colleague who comes visiting am I right? Teeheee... I guess it's best to stay away from mainstream brand that focuses on mass production compared to exclusivity. Unless you can find a tailor within this month to do your Raya outfits well then Kreé might be your saviour. Even a few pieces from Kreé is extended from size S to size XXXL to cater to different wider range of body size. Wow! Amazing ;)

Let's get on with the Raya 2013 lookbook! 

I am head over heels for the cascading maxi skirt thingy! Especially the one in green top & blush skirt. Oh, it's called Carla Peplum Dress and they also have one more design which I will show below. I also like the prints for the dress on far right. The leaves-like print flowing down will most certainly accentuate any woman's body. I just wish I have that model's body! LOL! And the blue jubah dress has such a sweet print suitable for attending to guests on Raya day, you know the kind of busy day when you have to be both in the kitchen and the living room? Unless you have bibiks/catering around to help you out :D

Another piece of Carla Peplum Dress, lovely pair between black lace & nude brown skirt. Priced at RM259.50, I am smitten ♥ The bright neon piece is definitely eye catching and would stop traffic anywhere, and I love the pairing of purple with neon. Modern & trendy at it's best!

More peplums for you peplum lovers out there. Loving the simplicity of both of these! Panel color block for the left and lace sleeves with decorated belt for the black beauty ♥

What I love the most about the design is the panel cut of the skirt which creates a beautiful lengthy silhouette of the lady wearing it. Interesting angular shape for the black colored top. And the prints are not too overwhelming as well ♥

If you're not a fan of prints, you can opt for these - color block panel designs. Simple & body concious modern kurung ;)

More version of paneled modern kurung, the purple/red version kinda look a lil sporty to me probably coz of the angular cut of the panel. But it also looks modern & simple. As is the black & white print paired with the bright neon. 

If you prefer a simple printed modern kurung, hey Kreé has them too! The left one, Nayna Modern Kurung is available up to size XXL and priced at RM239.90. As for Anna Kurung Pahang, sizes can be up to XL and same price as Nayna. Nice!

If peplum & modern kurungs are not your forté, perhaps modern dress will bring a different sight for this Raya. Although these are not out yet, but they soon will be perhaps next week? Just stay tuned & subscribe to Kreé I tell ya! ;)

A fan of tribal prints? Check these out! The one on the left has pearl detailing on the neckline & the one the happy model is wearing has double lining inside. Both has sizes from S - XXL. Don't cha worry gal! 

Not into colors ladies? If you prefer mysterious black, these paneled jubah dress is definitely for you. Carmen Goldie Dress available from size M - XXL at only RM189.90 & Carmen Moroccan Dress offers more subtle print yet playful & still maintaining the skinny & tall illusion of a women's body. Available in size S - XXL, same price as the latter.  

Something sleek & simple for jubah loving ladies; as described by Kreé "Loose fit, deep purple dress or jubah is perfect for women with hijab. A simply decent choice for Eid or any other occassion.". Purple Hanna Dress is available here at RM139.90.

Isn't it obvious that pieces by Kreé are decent, suitable for hijabista - beauty in modesty and this collection is also suitable for occasions other than just Raya! Watchu waiting for, get on Kreé NOW!

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p/s: How do y'all like the Kree Raya logo I made lol! All pictures in this entry are edited by me with permission by Kreé.  Go SHOP! ♥



  1. jubah menarik perhatian..cantik semua baju2 ni..:)

    1. Ermm blue jubah yg mana satu awak? Heeeee

    2. Ooo blue jubah yg atas tuuuu, haaa sweet kan! :D

  2. saya memang suka yang eksklusif macam ni. serius rambang mata

    1. Kannn, samalah kita rambang mata tgk nii XD

  3. Some of the pieces aren't in the listings anymore, dah sold out ke? ):
    do you know if they ever will restock the items?
    It was all so lovely!

    1. Some that aren't there in the web will be available soon, they'll release the items in the weeks of Ramadhan gradually :) so no worries and just follow them on their social medias for latest updates :)


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