Last Saturday, I was invited among 30 other bloggers by The Butterfly Project to join a Massage Party sponsored by Amante Nail Spa & Bodycare, Ask Joey (party deco) & PhotoBooth Malaysia (photo booth & photographer). I was super excited for the massage obviously, I just recovered from an on off fever  which I contracted end of May and luckily healed naturally from it by end of June. My whole body was aching & sore all over and I was super glad I was invited for the Bloggers' Massage Party because I badly needed it ^_^

As soon as I walked up to the second floor to Amante Nail & Spa, Sri Petaling I was greeted by the ladies from Amante & this lovely spread of greens & whites! I fell in love and felt at peace immediately ♥

I was there for the morning session but I came a wee bit late, got a manja scolding from Mama-san Tammy teehee! Fortunately there were many other bloggers there and they were waiting for their second massage! Wow, I thought we were only gonna get one massage! :D

I was whisked away by Tammy & Ayna (the lady in black polkadot top & white scarf) who was the hostess aka GRO (hihihi!) of the day to the dessert table & lounge area. Ayna was very accommodating and introduced me to all the other girls there. It was lovely because usually you don't get to mingle around too much at events but not this one, this is the exact event where you're there to make new friends and relax (and ofcourse afterwards blog about it like what I'm doing :))

I was told we had an option of either to do manicure or pedicure and can even color our nails with any color of our choice, tempting but yeah I only choose to buff my nails. Manicure it is then! ♥

All the other Chinese bloggers did their nail arts and they had so many choices of nail polishes to choose from! Tres colorful ♥

Picture time! I mean, what else does bloggers do when they hang out? XD

Soon it was time for me to do my massage, at first I wanted to try the Aromatherapy Massage because silly me thought Hot Stone Massage was just about putting the stones on your backbone, y'know like in the magazine pictures? Boy, was I wrong! LOL, the bloggers girls below (yeah, the massage rooms was at the above floor, check out the cool decos!) manage to persuade me into trying the Hot Stone Massage first and I can still feel the Hot Stone rolling on my neck & shoulders. The masseuse Nadia was super nice and friendly too, we chatted a lot about health and etc. And ofcourse the massage was super nice! First they will massage you with oil and afterwards when you are warmed up they will use the stones which Nadia explained was taken from volcano areas to massage your body. It was so so good! I had an interval before my Aromatherapy Massage, went down and relaxed and drank coffee and chatted with the girls. My second masseuse was nice as well but I talked less this time because I enjoyed her aromatherapy massage so so much! Yeah both of them said my body was rigid and in major need of massages, luckily Butterfly Project organized such event! 

Satisfied blogger here! Thank you so so much AMANTE ♥

Ofcourse thank you so much Mama-san Tammy of Butterfly Project for taking care of us butterflies. Super busy Mama there!

More photos coz the place is so cozy & pretty not to take photos! 

Can see my glowing happy face? Cannot ah??

How about now? Hehe... Thank you so much to BUTTERFLY PROJECT for organizing such awesome event, AMANTE NAIL SPA & BODYCARE  for sponsoring the place & heavenly services & ASKJOEY for party planner! Big hugs & kisses for y'all ♥ ♥ ♥

Not to forget, for all readers please set this reminder on your phone because if you haven't been to AMANTE you got a chance to try their treatment for free (as noted above) and also buy vouchers for listed treatments at a fraction of its price! AWESOME or what?? But remember you gotta come to their outlets on  Friday July 19th - Sunday July 21st only. Call up the AMANTE outlets near you to book for their service NOW!

And bloggers, don't forget to like THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT facebook page, who knows you could be the next lucky blogger to join their event!

p/s: Tammy Lim, you have inspired me to put more effort on editing my photos haha. Infact you inspired me a lot! ♥



  1. nice post :) I like your style of writing and nice pictures! glad that you enjoyed rhe hot stone massage... so relaxing right?

    1. thanks illy, yeah it was! i felt like i could float out of the room haha :D

  2. cantiknya gambar :D nice meeting u there kak Ami ^_^ hoping to see u again for other events!!

    1. Hi Mieza, nice meeting you too! Hope can hang out more at other events yeah! ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Heeeee was nice meeting you the other day! :*

  4. boleh x send saya picture yang i ambik dengan u tu ... :')

    1. Yeah sure babe, just comment me on fb and i'll upload it & tag you :))

  5. nice meeting you that day Ami, i'm so glad you're enjoying your treatment at Amante <3

    1. thanks Ayna for the superb layanan huhu, hope u enjoyed the day too and nice meeting you dear <3

  6. Youre so awesome, man! I cant believe I missed this blog for so long. Its just great stuff all round. Your design, man…too amazing! I cant wait to read what youve got next. I love everything that youre saying and want more, more, MORE! Keep this up, man! Its just too good.
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