Today I went to Longchamp soft launch private party for bloggers in Pavillion, such a fun event where each and everyone of us got to pick a Longchamp bag of our choice! More deets on that later! After the event me, Kelly & Shirley went for lunch at Dome, Centre Court Pavillion. At first I didn't know what to order then I remembered this app my friend suggested:
Download this cool makan-makan app now:
Weh, if HUNGRY, GO WHERE? Go open this app loh.... XD
Anyways, I chose these for lunch!
Salmon Steak with Salted Grilled Veggies (RM38.00) & Green Tea with Biscotti (I think it was around RM14.50, came in a small teapot suitable shared for two). 


FOOD: Salmon Steak was slightly tasteless, dunno whether it's my swelling gums are causing my taste buds to go awry or what but don't trust me much on that. The skin of salmon was crispy, love it! And plenty to be eaten that I had to takeaway half of the leftover, couldn't finish it. Save for dinner hehe.. Green Tea is as usual bland and nice just like I love, would've been nice if I have real honey to add to it but drinking it just like that is also fine for me.

SERVICE: Slightly slow but the staffs were nice & accomodating, Kelly ordered the same thing I did except she didn't want her potatoes. Hers came quite late with a portion of salad, and then they prepared & delivered the grilled veggies separately... Weird.
Can't wait to up this review on the app, and later try out some other places people have been suggesting!

No need to ask friends anymore if HUNGRY, GO WHERE. Just open the app!

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