WIWR: What I Wore Recently?

IRIS Sheer Dress from KIMISONWEB.comKimisonweb has been operating on web based since year 2008.They ship worldwide. However, for international purchase only can be done manually by emailing them at since they have yet to set up the shipping cost for overseas in the website. They accept paypal for payment method. Loving the sheer dress because the cutting is so simple yet makes me feel so princessy with bottom flow it makes whenever I move! J'adore ♥ I was also wearing:
Scholl wedges
New tote bag - Longchamp ♥

Red Flower Scarf - OMGorgeous. This scarf is actually made up from 2 plain chiffon & 1 flower patterned chiffon. I've never owned a scarf like this so it was fun to experiment with, especially since it's quite lengthy at 2m and with 0.6m width. Very affordable at RM35 including postage! ♥
Daisy Peplum Top - (again in love with the flow of the peplum!)
Sandal - Charles & Keith

Love this Tribal Print Scarf from OMGorgeous
Wore it to Butterfly Project x Esse Give Back charity discussion dinner, I sat next to Nadia Heng who was Miss World 2010! I was speechless, but she was so pretty & nice!

By the way, KIMISONWEB has a surprise for you awesome readers!
You must register with KIMISONWEB in order to entitle for the discount of 5% for any purchase (except for the on sale item). Use it before the voucher expires! ♥