Greasy Stain, Vanish Away!

What do you normally use if there's a case of stubborn stain on your clothes? Here's a lil sort of 'drama' I sketched up with me & my sister :)

I cooked up ayam masak merah one night & my sister accidentally well 'comot-ly' smeared on her precious white blouse.. Lulz :P

Did you know that right now VANISH is sending off free samples to your door? Just fill up the form in their website & click GET A FREE SAMPLE:
Ofcourse you gotta fill in your real home address teehee :P
Oh by the way, VANISH is also holding a competition; all you need to do is share your trick & tips on using your VANISH to remove stain. Lotsa prizes to be won!

I wanna send in my entry! But you guys gotta vote for me.... Pwetty please ♥ *bats eyelashes*
Naz said he really wants the two-door fridge, I don't mind winning any of the.... electrical appliances lol!
Do you think I stand a chance of winning by submitting my 'drama' pics above? If yes don't forget to LIKE or VOTE for me. If you're the competitive type, well join in the competition why don't cha?! 

Wish me luck!♥
Alamak, somehow could not register by my name! *cries*
Had to use Naz's name & ic, so look for Muhammad Nazrul Hisham & vote his photos LOL :D


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