REViEW: Amante Nail Spa Experience

Since early this year, every month or every two months or so I try to make it a point to go for manicure & pedicure. Although I'm not the type who color my nails but I get them buffed up and looking all squeaky & shiny just perks me up! Not sure how you would feel, I seldom go out shopping nowadays or I only shop for things that I have targeted for quite sometime.. But then again, I looooooooove & treasure my pamper moments. Eversince I started wearing hijab, I don't go to salon much to get hair treatment coz thankfully they have grown thicker & healthier than even before my chemo cycle state so I'm grateful for that ^_^

Anyways! What am I rambling? LOL.. So yeah I heard about Amante Nail Salon & Spa from Tammy and she invited me to experience the nail spa along with a friend! Luckily it was right after I scheduled for a mani-pedi session with Wartea, so we canceled that one and went to Amante instead. Amante has a lot of branches, we went to the one in Bangsar coz it was easy for us.

Bangsar @ Telawi
28A-1, 1st Flr, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2287 9089

It's situated at the back lane right opposite the row of houses, same row as RHB bank. And it's above a clinic. Quite easy to find, just look them up at 4square ;) We walked there after we finished our brunch at Devi's. It's on the 1st floor so you need to walk up a flight of stairs first.

They have shelves upon shelves of OPI Nail color! Such an eye candy to look at, I would personally choose the marbled flourescent like blue color if it was time of the month (ehem!) but that day wasn't so I just admired the colors from afar hehe. Oh I hear maroon or oxblood color is so on trend too! Not to forget glitters for Xmas mood :P And OPI is such a famous brand for nail color as well, quality & its wonderful range of color.

Amazing nail art! I've always wondered how one can precisely draw something so intricate on such small spaces like nails OMG, I mean I tried doing once and urgh my nails turned out terrible. Well yeah mind you I don't really have the skills nor are quite as experienced as the manicurist here. I'm sure they have gotten quite a lot of request from customers to do different sets of nail art ;) I like the white base with slightly tribal neon art deco! Although long nails may not look so good on me, I prefer them short & clean :D
Search #amantebangsar on instagram and you'll find abundance of cute nail art from AMANTE!

Glitter nails from Miss Muppet! Lolz

Comfy cozy living room area, and we were served with hot Chinese tea while waiting for our manicurist. We chose the NAILTEK Spa Manicure & Pedicure which was RM180 in total.

Inside the spacious manicure & pedicure area, I think there were like 4-5 comfy seats available. Okay from this moment on it was quite hard to take photos of coz my hands will be taken over by the manicurist. Lol.

Hygienic seasalt & warm water to wash feet. Who's giant feet is that? :O

Hands wiped with warm towel, and then scrubbed and also applied with hydrating lotion.

Errr, is that food? LOL no it's my hand wrapped with plastic right after the hydrating lotion is applied all over. I was really wondering what's gonna happen next, were they gonna grill me huh?

Okay better photo from Wartea's side haha. Yep the white wrapper is an electronic heater/steamer. Hmm it was on for as long as they were working our foots. And the white substance on Wartea's legs are actually masks! Even our legs were cleaned, scrubbed, lotion, mask and steamed. Talk about spa treatment!

Sexy legs huh? 

From the instagram photo I posted that day! Better pic of that promotion poster below. Oh yes yes, they even spread on an anti-wrinkle gel mask for our hands. Did it work? I guess it did although my hands are naturally very wrinkly since birth so hmm I probably need a stronger mask to see the difference haha!

Wash & scrubbed down nicely after the steam treatment and time to clean those cuticles. For those who has never went to do pedicure, they even scrubbed your soles of feet to remove those nasty hard skin cells. It's sorta ticklish though hehe..

Buffing them nails to make 'em shiny ♥

They also apply sort of ointment to make the nails stronger! I mean not as strong as Wolverine but so that it won't chip easily, hey nails needs supplements too :P

Oh boy, the best part for me is the massage they gave to each feet and hands.. I wished it lasted longer really. But no worries! Amante also offers body massage, facial and aromatherapy!

Monthly highlighted package, niceeee..

Wednesdays special for Ladies at AMANTE! 

LOOOVE! Will come back to try other stuffs or maybe a mani-pedi again ;)

Wartea's shiny nails ♥

And mine too, I'm a happy customer indeed. 

Yes, I love their service. Even the manicurist were quite friendly and chatted up with Wartea and me. My manicurist said I must be rich (I WISH!) coz my hands are so soft and nails are still pretty nice (well actually I only did my manicure about 3 weeks ago so maybe that wasn't long enough time? And I love applying lotions!). Wartea was super satisfied because they used quality products and till today our nails are still pretty shiny, we did the manicure on 25th November okay. Probably a reason to come back yeah? ;)

Source: Amante

Andddd their latest promotion!
Discounts up to 50% off OMG :O

Ah yes this is the promo poster they had at the door. How about that? It's also like 50% off if you split the bill with your friend yeah ;)

Actually Amante has many branches, so log on to AMANTE.MY to check out which one is nearest to you and book an appointment today. I went there on Sunday and yep there was an overflowing of people coming in and out all the time that I was there. Good business means good place with quality which is why people keep coming back again :)

Check out AMANTE on FACEBOOK for their latest promotion & deals! Let me know if you've tried them out or if you're planning to go ;)

What I wore:
Scarf, Sequined Gray Shirt & Chiffon Jumpsuit all from PRETTY CHASE (sale section!) ♥
Bag Alexander Wang Rocco from GORGEOUSBYSHASHAARI




  1. i love your bag!! *scream* :P
    visit me -->

    1. tq sweetie! it's quite heavy leather ;_; haha

  2. Dear Ami,

    Thank you for the lovely review! I love the photos you taken even though your arms are "cooking" ahaha. Glad you & Wartea enjoyed the session together and thank you for sharing about Amante on your blog!


    1. I owe it all to you! Even the cooking session lol.. thanks for the hook-up, we loved it! <3

  3. I love your jumpsuit! The whole ensemble is so pretty but edgy still. The pink is a nice soft touch against the studs and wedges. I know what you mean about hair and all. Haha, I got my hair done earlier in the year and thought i'd do it for 'me'. Spent a whole lot and now i'm wondering what was going through my head hahaha. I need a cut but am much too lazy to be honest. Really mahal here anyhow.

    K xx

    1. Awww you're too kind! thank you so much, i think probably doing facial or mani-pedi is okay but once in awhile hair treatment eh why not? as long as you're happy right ;) as for cuts nowadays i couldnt be bothered to go to salon, i'd rather have my friends or hmm hubby cut it hahaha..

      btw i looooooove your Fendi bag <3

    2. Haha true. I ought to learn how to cut my own hair ;)
      Thanks for dropping by our blog RFK! K xx

  4. Well, thanks Ami.. tried one of the nail spa in Bangsar before too, but the waiting lists, they make waited for months.. Gonna try this one perhaps later.

    1. OMG that long?? :O had mine scheduled within a few days! Maybe you can try this one right :)


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