Hey, Birthday Coming Soon!

So yeah, my birthday is coming soon on 22nd August. It will be Syawal by then, and I will probably be at my hometown in Perak celebrating my family ♥ Ofcourse I would loooove to do a big fun filled birthday party on my birthday but a friend who is also celebrating her birthday this August has inspired me to do something much more less self-attentive than that.

In conjunction with my birthday on 22nd August, I am setting up a Ramadan charity drive which will go towards Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM)

Instead of spending money to probably give me a present (eventhough the thought probably never crossed your mind), why not spend a small portion of what you can to donate towards charity; think of it as a birthday gift to me ♥ You don't need to come physically to IRM, I will help submit your donation :)

 Did this photo fun fact a few weeks back when someone mistaken me for working in a local fashion company. Hope no one misinterpret the first sentence, I dont work for any fashion company but I'm still open for (& would love to do) collaboration or freelance jobs as long as can help pay my bills ^_^. And I have been mistaken for working at Zalora, which is weird and I dont know why people thinks that...

1) In conjunction of my birthday. 
2) 100% of the donation will go to Islamic Relief Malaysia :
3) Payment can be made via VISA/Mastercard, bank transfer, cash deposit machine and also through PAYPAL. Email me if you wish to make payment using credit cards/paypal.
4) Shall stop receiving donation on 31st of August 2012.
5) Donation will be transferred to IRm on 1st September 2012, a printscreen of transaction will be posted in the event page as to avoid any conflict.

Urban Retro Enterprise
5622 6302 3866
After donation is made, do let me know so that I can keep track. I will list names and donation made in this event page, if you wish to remain anonymous please let me know.

I realize that there are so many people who wants to contribute their old clothes/books etc therefore let's meet-up! If you can not make it this Sunday, I shall assign a key person in certain area for you to meet-up and pass the items to. If you have any sorts of suggestions do let me know :) OR if you're staying outside Klang Valley perhaps you can courier the items if you don't mind? Just a thought. Hit me up with suggestions..
For Kajang / Putrajaya / Bangi and surrounding, do email me for address :)

Alas, hope you can share this small event to your friends & family, together we will make this world a better place. Insya Allah ♥