Eid Mubarak 1433!

Cue my eid outfit pics ♥
Green Fansuri Fishtail Top from Wonder Wardrobe matched with my old songket, Naz with his custom made  baju Melayu. Right after Eid prayers ♥

Firman Allah S.W.T. yang bermaksud,”Kemudian setelah selesai sembahyang, maka bertebaranlah kamu di muka bumi (untuk menjalankan urusan masing-masing) dan carilah atas apa yang kamu hajati dari limpah kurnia Allah, serta ingatlah akan Allah banyak- banyak(dalam segala keadaan supaya kamu berjaya (di dunia dan diakhirat).” (surah al-Jumu’ah:10).

♥ ♥ ♥

In Janissa #JovianRTW by Jovian Mandagie on 2 Syawal 1433. Check-out my JovianRTW experience here.

With a stray kitty behind a barn to wait for cabs.

Beaded Bawal (Voile) Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart, shall replenish more stocks soon ♥

Found back this 60's cat eye shades after 4 months thinking I lost it, in the car, in the shades compartment. LOL!

Re-used the same scarf I wore on 1 Syawal, got this scarf during Hijabista Magazine Iftar ceremony. I think Sugarscarf has similar design :) Forgot to take full outfit shot though.. Booo....

With the mayor, I mean my husband. No he's not the mayor. Just kidding!

The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan, Perak :)

Kurung top & drop crotch harem pants & matching clutch from Rico Rinaldi ♥ Check out my Rico Rinaldi Summeraya experience here.

Pose playing in the studio while waiting for my in-laws to get ready. Polkadot heels from Cala Man.

Mix & match, take your niece to match with the family and get some raya angpows hihi :P

My birthday was on 22nd August and alhamdulillah I have never ever felt so blessed in my life, despite it all I'm a lucky gal. Blessed with lovely friends, loving husband, supportive family and wonderful followers/readers ♥
"My wish for today is that for my Mom's feet will get better as soon as possible & that she'd be able to walk like she used to be before the accident (read here > #prayforbondanadzirah) For a month now Mom has to be hospitalized because she has to undergo Oxygen Chamber therapy on a daily basis (to expedite growth of new cells) up to 30times, one hour per day. Soon she will need to do skin graft bcoz her feet is exposed like an open wound, daily dressing has to be done. Bless my elder sister & younger brother who takes care of Mom. Sesungguhnya syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu. My wish for today, is to go to umrah with Mom next early next year, and she promised me she'd be able to run by then. My wish is that I am able to run next to her insyaAllah.. Amin ya Rabb.. "

"Reminiscing the bike rides we often took during uni days (astaghfirullah, adik2 jangan tiru macam saya), he'd ride from Malacca to KL and back for dates with me and in return I'd take bus rides on weekends to meet him. All together now, awwww! My wish for today is for us to live happily ever after in this world & beyond ♥"

Alas, I think the best presents I've received so far are the contributions & donations made through this Charity Project that I've been organizing. Just makes me put things in perspective much better, hoping this charity thing would not stop with Ramadhan but will be a constant in my life. InsyaAllah. Would you like to be part of it? Check out the facebook page :)

Oh by the way, the fancy fisheye lens & wide angle lens effect is courtesy of these lenses by Phoneography Malaysia! Check 'em out, I'm having so much fun using 'em :D


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