LEFTBLOCK x Nike Event

Probably one of the last person to update about this event T_T

Scored an invite from Jezmine for this event, I didn't know it was a fashion show till I got there.

The people behind the scenes - Joyce, Raeesa, Eka, Jezmine, Chelle Stits, Travinia and a few others.

The fashion show commences!

Umm, we're given this box filled with a few junks + NIKE products and we're told to style someone from your bench. I was the clown who wore a box a skirt, strutted on the green runway and stripped the box at the end with a wink. Okay, I didn't wink, I probably had that nervous look on my face T_T

Amoi rambut merah aka Yani, Kish leopard, stylo Eka and me looking white as in opera cina. And then us with Jezmine Zaidan who thankfully gave me an invite. Met a few other people, fashion bloggers and readers too ;)

I was wearing Vogue Uniqlo tshirt and the prints are actually one of the first 50 Vogue covers ever made, I think mine was no. 36th Vogue cover(thanks to Naz for buying this for me). Uniqlo snake patterned leggings, The Brollies weaved hand made necklace and Baci flats. Tied my hair into a side braids with a poofy top. Ummm yeah red lips and red chain bag XD

So large my forehead 0_o

Me and fierce miss Myra of The Electric

We all got a goodie bag from NIKE with free t-shirt and a plastic funky shopping bag. No reason not to use shopping bags now. Congratulations to Joyce, Travinia & Chelle for your collaboration with NIKE! More pictures in KLUE gallery.



  1. waaaahhh bestnyerrr ...jumpa mcm2 orang in love with your t-shirt ..nice

  2. suka the way u tie your hair!


  3. @yanny thanks dear! rambut nipis pura2 simpul jadi braid haha

    @sha, tq sha. courtesy of naz dearie for getting it for me :)

    @miss weed, nnt rambut dah panjang skit leh la wat!

  4. This looks awesome!!! The invite is so cool and you look adorable ;)

  5. looks like you had a great time! :)

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    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
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  7. kereeeen bgd
    dmn itu acaranya?
    visit balik

  8. nice pictures.
    very inspiring look and lookbooks.


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