dude, she just got married!


It's been awhile huh? Can't believe it's already over, the wedding I mean. All the hustles & bustles, sweats & tears, major stressed out over the ticking clock - all for preparation of one day, okay for me it was xx days of running around tidying up the house (moved all the furnitures around the house, propped open all the carpets at the living room, cleaned & washed away all the chicken shits at the garage [they think they own the garage and mom let it be], didn't even have time to wear henna on the tips of my fingers & toes, worrying about mom wanting to force her red tekat emas set on me [she tried to put it on the door curtain of bride's room during my khatam Quran, so I can't stop her T_T], we forgot about the whole wedding cake cutting ceremony [poor Unazukin!], pity some of my friends didn't get the doorgifts coz it ran out before they came, but anyways the feeling of waking up and closing your eyes to sleep next to the one you love every single day makes it so worth it. It's a whole different feeling I can't quite describe. Wonder why I didn't get married earlier anyways haha.

I don't have photos of my own, so here's a few photos from friends. Thank you so much guys for coming! I'm gonna do a THANK YOU entry next :))

To sum it up, it was a small, simple and some might say quaint wedding just how I wanted it to be. I love my reception, make-up and dresses, guests praised that the food was great (gulai tempoyak, rendang tok, pajeri nenas & ayam goreng cicah kuah asam.. whut up Perak-ians)! For 3 months of preparation, I think I did alright hehe. Of course there were flaws here & there but I am happily married now after 7 years of courtship..

So, who cares! :P

p/s: Can't wait for photos from Bliss Candid. Congratulations to Aizat & Nadia on their engagement last weekend ♥