As soon as I said I barely had money to splurge, boyfriend thinks we needed to celebrate our little Urban-Retro victory by spending some money. On SHOES! He bought two pairs for himself, a pair of casual sport leather Aldo and a pair of ... should I say Puma? Or Adidas or Nike? I wasn't really paying much attention because I was not allowed to splurge as much *groaned*

Eventhough I did not get any of the these babies, but I think I pretty much scored with this Patent Cut-Out Wedge Bootie. So badass, tsk! A wedge version of this Giuseppe Zanotti's.

it has been awhile since my last outfit photo? hello messy room XD
i have a love-hate relationship with my tangly hair it's impossible!

Oh by the way, found a photoshop action file on D.A and decided to play around with it.

Distressed biker jacket, Zara; Feather long tee, online; Tin metal necklace, Topshop; Leather skirt, thrifted; Cut-out Wedge bootie, online.

My color combo has always been so safe & neutral it kinda wears me off just looking at my wardrobe every weekend. I think I wanna add some floral pieces in the honor of Spring. Tried to find at least one dress that would fit my demand at OU last weekend but ended up spending RM90++ for books & mags at MPH T__T

Maybe I should just cut out all these fashion crap and accept the fact that I am just a big nerd.
Cut it out?

psst: mega clearance sale for Neue Fashion.