[LIFESTYLE] CASIO EXILIM TR15 21mm Wide Angle Lens + Fun Filters

Don't you just hate it when you wanna take a selfie group picture, everyone has to squeeze in super tight before snapping. Well not with Casio Exilim TR15 you don't have to, with it's 21mm wide angle lens you are able to take wider pictures with little hassle.

Check out the comparison between TR & a smartphone self-portrait aka selfie pic:
♥ Small face effect by special lens on TR and 21mm wide-angle lens.
♥ Skin brightening and smooth skin effect using make-up mode on TR, I bet your smartphone don't have this. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful that we don't have to flood our smartphone with before after edited photos of your selfie and have it all in one click using TR? Come on, I know you edit your pics toooo am I right??? Hehe..

With 21mm wide-angle lens, it allows you to take wide image and perspective picture and 21mm wide-angle lens on compact is only available on CASIO starting May 2013 which includes Exilim TR15. Another huge huge reason why you should get this bad ass baby!

As you can see in the sample pic above, 28mm is a standard lens for most smartphone and check-out the length and width comparison compared with a pic taken using 21mm wide lens. Major right?! Why waste time trying to include details you wanna take in your picture with a normal angled lens when  you can get everything and so much more with TR's 21mm wide-angle lens ;)

Apart from that, there are also some other fun filters available on Casio Exilim TR15 including:
HDR ART... woahhhhhhhhhhh!

Another HDR ART.. woaaaah!

SPARKLING SHOT! It adds those bling bling to your photos, I think only works if there's a light source :)

My fwens got FISH-EYED lol.. Sorry Shirley, Lin, Aric XD

MINIATURE filter, this would look best if you are overlooking a scenery of a town or high hills. Cheating the tilt-shift effect kinda like the results here.

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