[LIFESTYLE] TESCO: My One Eyed Figurine

Having an eye infection really is no fun at all, especially when it infects the other eye T_T

Thanks to Tesco Heroes & Friends whom Naz had started collecting since they promoted, he surprised me with Mike Wazowski the one eyed monster from Monster Inc. It made me laugh none the less. Funny coz I was warded with one infected eye which I constantly cover with tissue and one good eye to see, and my patient uniform at Hospital Ampang is also in green color! We have so much in common! Although I haven't watch Monster Inc or Monster University yet but I hear Mikey is quite the character.

Aside from Mike, Tesco Heroes & Friends also has more array of figurines to be collected. Naz's next target is Thor which is the most recent release of figurine. 

Mike looking over my Chanel Le Boy iPhone case gifted by Adriani, so over the top for me to be using in the ward but whatever lol. I sling it back & forth, sling it back & forth, back & forth! All the girls have one too ♥ And next to Mike is the two eyedrops & eye ointment I was given to treat my eye infection.

Which one have you collected or targeting to collect?

Did you know that each one of these figurines actually has markers or highlighters in their head? Just pop it out by pushing their legs! 

Nice huh? Atleast it's not just some meaningless figurines, it's also a stationary which you can put aside your telephone at home near a note pad or probably hang it up somewhere on the wall near a calendar where you can write down event details! Awesome huh?


Naz is so pumped up on getting the next Thor Limited Edition figurine from Tesco Heroes & Friends collection. I wish there's a Loki figurine #eh! 

Okay baby I got it T__T

Naz's collection of figurines from Tesco Heroes at his office cubicle - Hulk, Ironman & Captain America!

I hope there's a BoboiBoy collectibles as well coz really I've seen my 2 year old nephew wreck havoc over BOBOIBOY toys like nothing else matters in this world. By the way check out this promotion!

And oooh being an avid Instagrammer I certainly will join this contest, who knows? Luck might be on my side ;)

Hurray for Tesco Heroes & Friends Collectibles, for more info:

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