[LIFESTYLE] CASIO Exilim TR15 WIFI Photo Transfer

Let me tell you one more reason why I love my Casio Exilim TR15..
Well aside from the fact that it made my skin look absolutely gorgeous :P

Whenever I took photos with this camera with my friends in it, they would definitely ask for me to send it to them. I can do it as easy as 1,2, 3 ;)

How you ask? 

Read on for step-by-step how to transfer photos from Exilim TR15 straight to your phone:

STEP 1: Click on tiny arrow on TR15 screen as shown above to reveal drop down menu.
STEP 2: Click on the phone icon.

STEP 3: Click on "Send to phone"

STEP 4: Choose the pictures you want to transfer and press OK when you are ready.

STEP 5: An access point (wifi) and password will be revealed.

STEP 6: On your phone, download and install the Exilim app.

STEP 7: Connect your phone's wifi to TR15 access point.

STEP 8: Open up the Exilim app on your phone & automatically TR15 will transfer the selected photos/videos if wifi is connected.

STEP 9: Once transfer is complete, wifi connection will be automatically terminated by TR15 to save on power consumption.

Voila! Easy peasy right? Now all I have to is just use one of those chat apps like Whatsapp, Line or WeChat to send the photos to my friends. I can even upload to my social medias: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram instantaneously after I capture using Casio Exilim TR15.

Cool or what?!

Tell me you're in love already with this camera ♥

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