WIWT: White & Mint

Pearl Scarf from @yaypeach on instagram
Beaded Kurung Top from Rico Rinaldi (actually it's my eid clothes hihi)
Pleated Mint Skirt from PADIEKA RACOLTA ♥ 
Blue Skirt layered under, from The Mines
Ring H&M
Celine Trapeze (fast becoming my favorite!) thanks to Gorgeous by Sha Shaari

I actually wore this ensemble last weekend to the launching of Blackmore's 80th Anniversary Charity event:
I didn't even know about the color theme before coming, I fit right in LOL! More photos on that event soon ♥

By the way, check this out:
A super cute illustration of me by the talented Dani! ♥

This outfit won me 3rd place at Uniqlo Uniqlooks Malaysia, fond memories. Love that Dani covered up my hands there which was a mistake I made, ahh well atleast I learn from it aye? :) Too bad most of the photos about Uniqlooks contest is somehow missing :( gotta fix those up!

Another super adorable illustration from Dani is an outfit I wore to go style Shila Amzah for Hijabista Magazine. No I don't work for Hijabista, I was merely an external stylist invited for the job. It was fun! Have you seen behind the scene photos of it?

Thank you so much Dani for the lovely illustrations! You are super talented and cute MasyaAllah ♥
May Allah bless you always dear.


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