BTS: Ami Schaheera @ Bella NTV7 Talking About Leukaemia

Was invited to Bella Confidential talk show at NTV7 to share about my experience battling leukaemia along with Aliaa who talks about her lymphoma. I met Aliaa during my time at the ward while we're both doing chemo, she's a true inspiration who never gives up and is always always super strong and thinking on the bright side. My true inspiration ♥
In the makeup room.

Being briefed by the NTV7 guy.

Waiting for our time to be on stage, me freaking out inside. But then again, this is less daunting than giving a speech to a bunch of people on a stage which was what I did last week to a room full of UNITEN students talking about fashion & lifestyle (more on that later!). I mean, I am less nervous here especially with the awesome Aliaa next to me ♥

I mainly just laughed a lot at my silliness and inability to speak fluently, unlike Aliaa who was super calm & composed and worded her words beautifully!

Staring at the beautiful Vanessa Chong, whom I accidentally almost made her cry when talking about my first encounter with leukaemia. No tears were shed, kept them at bay. We're a happy bunch, look at us we even color coordinate! 

With the doctors or hematologist who explained more on the technical part where by the importance of getting yourself checked for HLA Typing (at any hospital), it's just like a normal blood check and then pledging yourself as a donor into the pool of stem cell donors because you never know; you might save someone's life, maybe you can even be my match? Yes, I haven't gone through stem cell transplant because I don't have any match..

Anyways, I really had a lotta fun catching up with Aliaa and doing the show. Especially to share my experience & small knowledge about leukaemia ♥

 We were very lucky to meet dance maestro, Ramli Ibrahim who was also there to talk about his passion and the Nartaka Dance Festival starting soon on 7 - 11 November, 830pm at Auditorium DBKL, Jalan Raja Laut. You can purchase your tickets at

Oh by the way you can view the repeat of that show here  (Bella NTV7 Episode 218) ♥

And this is the part where the vain fashion blogger shows off her outfit, if this is your first time in this website please don't be alarmed and you may close the window if you do not wish to see it :D

Maysaa Scarf, I need more of these babies pls
Necklace DIVA, is currently on sale at RM21 from RM89
Blazer from @YAYPEACH on instagram
Pants from H&M
Bangle set @YAYPEACH
Heels, vintage Helmut Lang
Bag Givenchy Nightingale from Gorgeous by Sha Shaari

Will be attending this tomorrow ♥

What to wear? :O



  1. kak ami look awesome!
    i hope you keep strong and better!! *amin :)

  2. LoveLoveLove the photos! <3 Ami, you're too modest. You were great on that day and you looked amazing! (in fact, when do you not? lol)


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