REVIEW: eMall App by Karangkraf

I was introduced to this app by Alwani Fickry, my friend from KarangKraf Media Group. Once I read her raving about it I was pretty sure I just had to try it out myself, plus I don't have anything to lose right? Reading on the go has always been my style anyways, and without the hassle of carrying all my favorite magazines in tow; well that's just a huge plus point for me!

So I started off by searching eMall from the app store on my iPad, found and installed it:
Search "eMall", download & installed. Super easy!

The intro page once I clicked on the eMall app.

List of available magazines & books that are available for download & subscription!

Magazines section, the selection is almost endless! :O

Anyways, I'm glad that Wani gave me a few mags sample, my favorite ones! This is the library section, clicked from the Magazine icon on top left. This is where all your downloaded subscribed magazine will be.

This is my Book section, have not bought anything yet so yeah this is what it looks like if the library is empty :)

Opened up the Hijabista mag with Natasha on the cover, and in the content section. Those underlined words can be clicked just like a hyperlink and it will take you to the article! Groovy, it's even interactive. Saves time and you won't get your mags oily or in a mess if you're reading while eating murukku like me now hehe. Oh well, oily screen can be wiped off but not oily paper rrright? ;)

Even much better when I can zoom in on the things that I like! And book mark it, see icon number two at bottom left of the above image ♥

In the bookmark section, there's also option of renaming my Bookmark. Let's say I wanna rename it Nicholas Kirkwood lace loafers just click on the pencil icon, rename & save! This way atleast I know why I bookmark it ;)

One of the best part is that you can share your favorite page to social media, like I tweeted here!
Boleh la share hijab tutorial page or resipi page from majalah Rasa lepas ni ;)

To purchase your magazine, just click on it from the magazine section & click Details:
This is the preview window, love that I can see the glimpse of the content before purchasing. Ofcourse that makes me wanna get the mag even more haha!

When you click Buy there's the option for Single Issue, 6 Issues or a whole year of subscription!

Once confirmed just click Buy and the magazine will be downloaded into your library once it's available :)
So I tested this on my iPad and should be the same on iPhone as well. 

So just for today 16th November 2012, eMall KarangKraf has offered free copy of RASA magazine July 2012 issue!
Yay gonna download now!

Click Rasa from the Shop, and click on Back Issues (small icon right under the mag cover)
And then choose the July issue, click Free to download it in your library.

Voila! Got my free copy of Rasa mag, yeay! Love 'em recipes ♥

By the way, to find out more about eMall app by KarangKraf and their free offers & discounts, you just gotta check out their web, Like 'em on facebook and Follow 'em on twitter:
INSTAGRAM: @emallkarangkraf

For Android users, you can download the app from Google Play 
No more hassle of waiting for the book store to stock up on your favorite mags or books now, and hey you can even still get these publications even if you are in oversea! Pretty cool aye? ;)


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