WIWT: Washed Out Blue & Levi's Fitting

Last Monday I went to Levi's fitting at One Utama to chose my Levi's items to be used for the next Go Forth campaign, ultimately you have no idea how psyched I am when Ian the PR for Levi's contacted me asking to be part of Levi's Go Forth personality for their next ad campaign. Don't need to tell you what I said next do I? :D

The items I chose with the help of a Levi's personal shopper :)

Before changing, well duh :P

Finally made up my mind between two pair of jeans, not that you can see it here hewhew let it be a mini surprise when the photoshoot day comes. Besides, I'm gonna mix & match these items with some of my own to better reflect my style persona ♥

Awkward finger on tummy Ami XD

Lujaa Scarf from Al-Humaira Contemporary, love it! Gonna get more ♥ 
Lace sleeved denim chambray COVETZ
Necklace Vincci
Ring & Bangle H&M
Red shades VABENE 
Pants ZARA 
Brogues ZALORA
Bag Chloe Paraty loaned by GORGEOUSBYSHASHAARI

Me & Naz kicking away our Monday blues by matching up :P

Simple Hijab Tutorial featuring Lujaa Scarf from AlHumaira Contemporary.
Excuse my tired face everyone :) do share the tutorial pic if you like it!

Jazakallah ♥