EVENT: J.W Anderson x Topshop Private Preview

So last night I attended Topshop's private preview before the J.W Anderson collaboration collection was officially launched for Malaysia. The style is very London street, grunge with a hint of sailor (anchors, crabs & umm zebra?) and unisex. Let's take a look at 'em photos aye?

Me & my plus one, this Saturday's bride-to-be Yani Msvlad ♥

Apparently as explained by Topshop's personal shopper, the two above from J.W Anderson collection is the best seller in London. Who would've guess? Ye 'old high school pinafore & what looks like a French Maid costume is the BEST SELLER? Waddaya think? Ignore Yani's excitement -_-"

The aboves are my favorites from the collection. I'd wear that quilted knee length skirt with another poofy skirt underneath and that pants is just adorable! 

The Topshop personal shoppers explaining the whole J.W Anderson collection & the trends available in Topshop as shown below.

Yes yes, the best seller in London.

Monogrammed shirt & letterman jacket, the unisex pieces ♥

Clothes from other trends, I love the peplum top matched with that paisley printed pants. Apparently they said paisley is totally IN right now. Lucky for me that I was wearing a paisley batik-esque crop top under my blazer, spot on!

If I'm not mistaken this is from the Pennsylvania collection, more here.

Left from Pennsylvania collection / Right Sensationalist

Honestly when me & Yani first arrived was quite attracted to the free manicure service, so we were like why not? I don't usually color my nails, but just for fun that night (and it was free!) I did it anyways. Don't HATE me! 
So hope you won't get heart attack seeing my colored nails down below. Love the color I chose, it totally matched my heels & outfit. Forgot to check the name though ~_~", obviously it's Topshop nail polish and they have tons of colors to choose from! Yani & Shea's sister Iqa had the privilege of wearing candy colors on their nails.

Iqa & Yani with their newly manicured candy nails.

My blue nails & Yani's. I swear I only wore them during the event, bought the nail polish remover after the event and cleaned them up once I got home. I know I don't really have to explain myself, but I dislike speculations so it's better to tell all than have y'all a huge misunderstanding. Alas, I'm not condoning hijabi girls to wear nail polish (though there's nothing wrong if you are in your menses) but I guess it's not encouraged. And like I said, I don't usually wear them either. Sekian :)

Anyways, some of my other favorites from the store:
Too bad all the nice heels have pig skin lining T_T

Yani! ♥
With Shea ♥
With lanky Brigette & cutesy Gabriena ♥
Ever adorable Hanie Hidayah & her new curly short 'do ♥
With Putra Nor Ridzuan, who confessed he reads my blog since before I wore my hijab. Awwww! That felt like eons ago (although it was only 2 years ago?), thank you so much for being my loyal reader ♥ *teary eyed*

Vain Cat in the Houzeee! I miss using my camera, I forgot how good it has been to me all these years. Although iPhone is easy breezy but can never beat a good cam like my GF1. Gonna use more of you baby, mama promise ♥

Maysaa Scarf / House of Holland paisley crop top / AZORIAS blazer / MILIA M silk pants / SINCERELYBYUSHAWLS tribal scarf / CALAMAN heels ♥

Do check out the J.W Anderson collection  launched to the public today.
And on Thursday 2pm there's an F3 Members day, there will be games & gifts to be won, be THERE!