BTS: Levi's Go Forth Photoshoot

So as some of you know, I was chosen as one of LEVI's GO FORTH personality for their next campaign (YEAY!!) and here are the photos from behind the scene for the street style photoshoot. Thank you Allah for Yash who just came back from Japan to come pick me up and accompany me during the whole photoshoot woot woot! Eversince Lin moved outta town, iSAD T___T

Joni Lynne did my makeup for the day, LOVED it! Check out her blog ♥

Didn't realize my scarf wasn't properly twisted in, anyways did a turban style for the first look. Super love this neon tribal print scarf from SUGARSCARF. Have rarely wore them out since I'm always wearing colors on my outfits rather than scarf. So this is my chance to turn it around especially when my LEVI's pieces are pretty much monochrome :D

Pairing it up with this STEVE MADDEN'esque tribal wedges from CALA MAN. In dire need of some serious height to make my Boot Cut Demi Curve LEVI's werq! 

Errr, hope I squeezed in some fierce looks. I look bored, trust me I wasn't! It was hot, 2 PM at Changkat Bukit Bintang you tell me.. So glad I had a huge clutch that doubles up as a hand fan lol.

Check out more looks BELOW!

Second look :) scarf from PRETTY CHASE.

Trying hard not to laugh. Y'know it's easy to stare into your own camera lens and do the fierce pose but when it comes to someone else's cam it's just not that easy. Ya just froze and stare into the it like a zombie or hungry lady in which I might be both at that time T__T

Third look, turned a shirt into a scarf coz they wanted a color that pop against the blue walls. Would've been easier if I brought my red scarf lol but A+ for creative effort? :D :D :D

Anyways, I still have to do voice over for the Go Forth video tomorrow with The Spacemen. Thanks so much Levi's & the team for a great day. Hope the pictures & video will turn out as expected or better! ♥

Thanks Yashma for the company & for taking shots of behind the scene! :)

Last but not least, the latest GOFORTH global video ad: