Visiting VIVID by Cosry Collection

I felt so exhausted last Sunday but I was also very eager to check-out Cosry's new collection called VIVID at The Curve last Sunday. As soon as I arrive, the store was basically still empty from crowd at first I felt nervous but then afterwards I really was glad that I had the store all to myself hahaha, selfish biatch! Oops XD went on straight to business and tried on a few pair that Rinie helped me chose:

Let's try them on!
Love love love the peplum top! The beading design is really nice ♥

MOST FAVORITE DESIGN! The ribbon belt makes all the difference, really nice alternative to a peplum top and the beadings are really gorgeous and modern oh my...

This is probably the sweetest of 'em all! Totally matches my scarf & skirt at that time, everyone was ooh-ing and aah-ing when I came out of the fitting room. Them Cosry shop assistants really know how to make a girl smile huh? Hehe..

And Rinie made me try this super sweet and awesome caftan xomg my jaw dropped after putting it on, it looked super graceful and sweet and dainty all at the same time. Not to mention the bead works is really awesome! They even have a soft pink long sleeved inner to be worn with the caftan, how cool is that!

Just as I was about to leave the store, this design came in! I immediately tried it on and fell in loooooooove ♥ I especially j'adore the iridescent greenish purple color. Reminds me of a hologram and crystal rainbows ^_^

So which one did you think I chose?
Why ofcourse the last design hehehehehehehe. Can't wait to go pick her up at Cosry soon, there was only 1 piece of that design at that moment so they told me they would call when they've made a new one for me. Yeay! It's ready for pick-up now.. 

Anyways do check out Cosry Purple Label's new collection and just try it on and snap! Gonna share my favs on my instagram and twitter now :) Who knows I might get lucky and won the others?

Details on COSRY:
WHERE: Cosry Purple Label Boutique, The Curve, above STARBUCKS, next to ULUWATU.
INSTAGRAM: @cosryofficial

Details on what I actually wore that day in my next entry here
More photos in my facebook album :)