Let's Go: Vivid by Cosry Launching!

Vivid by Cosry is Cosry's vibrant,experimental design that aims to appeal to the brand-conscious and premium-loving Social Media Generation. The designs are bolder, more colorful and certainly funkier but with signature Cosry touches like the intricate beadings and quality craftsmanship. Price range starts from RM 288 to RM 888 with the majority of designs at an average of RM 588. Each design and colour is limited to only FOUR pieces each - size S (1), M (2) and L (1).

The limited edition one off pieces! Love love the printed peplum top, the swingy swish bottoms looks so enticing and makes one looks like a princess wearing 'em ♥

Considering that the original price of Cosry line is RM1k and above, and I mean for the Purple Label, not the original Cosry Couture, I am very glad that they created a much more affordable line (well compared to the original which costs thousands ringgits *cry*) And the designs are simple, vibrant and exquisite, I mean not too heavy with beadings and lace which might not suit everyone's taste especially young working ladies. 

Good news for COSRY fans, if you've been following them; they have been holding a slogan contest which I lost to a lady yesterday! Well there were many contenders who wanted a FREE COSRY top of their choice... MUST.CREATE.BETTER.SLOGANS!

Anyways! I think I wanna go to the VIVID by COSRY launching, and I heard it's open to all fans! Let's go and just try on their clothes and snap and share, and ofcourse to shop till we drop :D

WHEN: Sunday 14th October 2012, 11am - 2pm.
WHERE: Cosry Purple Label Boutique, The Curve, above STARBUCKS, next to ULUWATU.

Follow these IMPORTANT LINKS in order to win COSRY's contest:
INSTAGRAM: @cosryofficial

Oh WOW, just found out about a new contest! ME IN COSRY!
Just snap a photo of you in Cosry (probably come to the event and try on a few?), post them online and tag COSRYOFFICIAL? Too easy! I'm definitely IN! Let's GO!