WIWT: Turbanized Schanaz Scarf

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf Black in turban style (new batch will be updated on Monday 13th June 2011) | Peach pink chiffon blazer from Beautiful Disaster | Equestrian pants (you always see me wearing this, it's a tailored version of a harem pants actually and ya know how much I love harem pants) | Chained lion belt from years ago, don't remember where I bought this | Charles & Keith ruffled heels, my wedding heels ♥

Was exclusively invited by Ashfi Qamara, fashion director / model for Fiminin & Ina's Scarf to their exhibition a few days ago;

Before we start, may i introduce myself :)
my name is Ashfi qamara, i'm one of FiMiNin founder
i recently working with Irna Mutiara the founder & designer of Irna La Perle, Up2Date,
and last but not least Ina's Scarf which she asked me to join to become her creative director.

So the point is :D
we are crazily in LOVE with your style & your blog,
and how genius you are at styling the scarf as hijab,
we really want you to come to our first exhibition in Malaysia!

Place : Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur
Date : 9th - 11th June 2011
Time : 9:00 - 18:00

and the offer is!
with this invitation (that i attach)
you can print it one only for you, and take this to the exhibition
as a coupon to get one free scarf from us (it may include accessories) , your PICK!

and that's all pretty much i can say,
i hope to meet you there and several other Malaysian fashion people that i also invite

please reply me if you are interested / maybe not , i'm really open.
feel free to ask me anything :D

Best Regards,

Architect| Digital Artist| Muslim Model

So ofcourse I said YES! To a chance of meeting the creative director who worked closely with fashion designer of Irna La Perle, an awesome collection from Indonesia. And possibly meeting the designer herself, Irna Mutiara and guess what? I did!
With Ashfi Qamara, she's super tall!

With Ashfi Qamara & Irna Mutiara ♥

and here's me with the mint stripe scarf I choose from Inas Scarf.

More photos on my { facebook }


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