So... You Think You Can Style?

Parkson, in collaboration with Tongue in Chic, will be hosting an upcoming style challenge called 'So You Think You Can Style'. It's a competition that mashes the adrenaline from The Amazing Race together with the fashion vogue-ness of, Project Runway, where teams of 3 will have to fight out a style wars to create the most chic ensemble. Three sets of style kits worth RM1,000 filled with goodies and prizes is up for grabs for the top three teams.

You will be able to pick your own team members but bear in mind that one will have to model while two play stylist. You won't have to run around the ENTIRE shopping mall. But you'll be running around 4th floor, Parkson Pavilion. Heels are of course, optional!

Successful participants are required to pay RM60 per team to join Scratch that, it's free! They will also need to include a picture of all team members together.

How to participate? Email with the details: Name, address, I/C details and contact number.

I'm forming my own team! Guess who I'll be teaming up with?
Let's join in the fun girls!
So.. You think you can style? ;)

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