Another outfit I didn't manage to take an outfit photo of is this;

Day 5 - Jummah: This HFW we don't have Eid, so I thought since Jummah (Friday Prayer) is very specific to Islam, it would be nice to include it instead of Eid. This category also covers the general question of what would you wear when going to the mosque?
Laidback Friday
Maxi Dress; I think would be anyone's first go-to clothes when it comes to going to Jummah prayer or mosque. More like an abaya. It covers most of the part of your body and keeps it modest. I would personally choose something loose like this and cinch it up with a rope belt ala Gucci.

Jacket; Worn as an outer cover outside of the mosque or more precisely on my way to the mosque. I love the simplicity of this blazer with colored hem and pocket, it does kinda remind you of a bath robe doesn't it? But the texture and fabric makes all the difference :) This particular example is from Haider Ackermann.

Shoes & Bag; the armored heels, almost covering most of my feet but not quite. And to match, I would chose something like this, stripes has just made trendy again by Prada. I love a square bag with a long sash like this I suppose, easier to fit all your make-up essentials + prayer outfit (telekung).

Necklace; a tiny little necklace with Faith as it's locket ♥ It's only appropriate.

Hijab; and to sum it up, a printed soft pastels silk hijab to complement the whole color block outfit. I rarely wore printed hijab but why not for a special occasion like Jummah prayer to do so?

What do you think of this outfit? None the less, in the mosque we will all be donning white and be as much the same as the next person next to us in Allah's eye. Although it might not matter what we wear underneath, but it is also important to remember that Allah loves beauty and if we can get all dressed up to a dinner date or to a wedding, why can't we do the same under the roof of Allah's prayer house? :)

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  1. Love the maxi dress!!...awesome combination...

  2. thank you girls <3 just a small contribution to HFW compared to all the other girls..

  3. That shoes O.O , ohmy, i love that shoe! XD

  4. love all of this..thanx kak mami for this idea of looks..really fashionable yet in a muslimah's way :)


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