WIWT Stripe Hijabscarf & RiceBowl Food!

Overdue pics of 17th February 2011:
WHAT I WORE: Stripe infinity scarf from HijabScarf, Jezmine bought it for me on her trip to Jakarta | Inner turban from Sugarscarf | Shimmery top from The Shoplifters | High-waisted tapered pants from Kiss & Tell, last worn here | Red flats from Cotton On

So funny that some people actually thought I'm not married yet, despite the fact that I just put my wedding dress photo a few posts below. LOL kesian my husband! Hehe

Dinner at JR Rice Bowl Restaurant, Prima Saujana Kajang. It was featured in Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan a few weeks ago so we just had to check it out since it's near our area :)
You'd think 4 riceballs is not enough, think again!
Everything is super duper yummy! Or we were already too hungry to begin with?
Finished our food! Hurray! The food was delicious but the restaurant itself needs to improve on cleanliness. The toilet and sinks next to the eating area were filled with what looks like unnecessary stuffs, for a JJCM approved restaurant, you would expect it to be atleast looking clean yeah? But nonetheless loving the food!

p/s: Had my second check-up with the oncologist today, my bone marrow result is out and it's alhamdulillah such a positive progress. Shall reveal more soon! Alhamdulillah ya Allah thank you so much for being merciful & generous. And my highest gratitude to my mom, parents-in-law, husband, family, friends & to all of you who prayed & wished me well. You guys are awesome! ♥



  1. wow sedapnye
    follow me back

  2. @hamizah, yeah it was! go try it if you happen to be in kajang :)

    @yusra, haah memang sedap!


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