Maysaa & Bloggers Tea Party




No. 69-1

Jalan Setiabakti

Bukit Damansara


Kuala Lumpur

WHO: Just a few of my favourite girls off of the internet and bestest friends.

WHAT: A girls only Tea Party at the wonderful Blush & Brush salon.

Time for tea and cake and party games, like us English folk do.

A Maysaa London private pop-up shop open exclusively for you important girlies.

Have a first hand preview of the new collection.

Plus pictures and as many wonderfully frivolous ideas as I can come up with.

The chosen ones;

It all began when Hana announced on twitter & facebook asking for everyone's blog links for a lil something something she said. I remember that there were hundreds of people who gave her their blog links. I sent Hana a direct message on twitter saying I was interested and bless her she said she already has me on her list(!) & wants all the Scarflets to be on board as well. I was truly surprised that I have been chosen! And the fact that she even knows the existence of our lil Scarflet sisterhood ♥ My heart could've exploded with fireworks at that very moment (cue Katy Perry - Fireworks). After we worked on the date where everyone was available, we anticipated the moment for the official invite & the above was sent in our email. Jittery nervousness and immensely ecstatic for the anticipated day. Was lucky that I met Aimie, Sha & Fatin a day before at Sue Anna Joe's lil Sheriff Luqman's birthday. Atleast my nervousness to confront these beautiful ladies is lessen. But to meet Hana Tajima again! Well, I knew I had to brush up on my spoken English or else!

Anyways, the day came, Aishah Amin came to my house super early coz I know she's excited for the event haha. I haven't even started applying my make-up LOL, and then we picked up Adriani at her house & GPS our way to Bukit Damansara. The place was quite secluded, there was no banner for Rumah Tanjung or Blush & Brush. Luckily, Eyqa saw our car passing by and she texted us. We were ushered in around 3.30pm, registered ourselves in the guestbook and said hello to Hana ofcourse. Ahh the small adorable girl! A few awkward moments staring at Hana and then we were invited to the tea area, loving all the assortments of bite size food - cupcakes, meringues, popiah, currypuff and a few types of tea. Kind of like a fusion of Western/Eastern food - just like Hana herself ;)

Chatting & laughing and taking pictures almost every single moment - what else there is to do when girls get together? And one thing that I got to know from Hana was that she cared for her late sister-in-law for a year during her final year of living, her sister-in-law passed away due to Leukemia. Instantly I feel connected to this lady coz she probably know what I have been through :").. Al-Fatihah for Hana's sister-in-law; may Allah bless her soul.. After sipping teas & munching cuppies, everyone was getting itchy to take photos with Hana and so we moved to the salon area for better lighting!

And oooh! Mirrors! *flocks together*

After that, everyone started taking photos with each other for memories and we relaxed & started chatting again;

Gravitating towards Hana like fireflies to a beaming light :)

And then afterwards, we move back inside to hear a very informative talk given by the owner of Rumah Tanjung herself, Datik Nik Radhiah about the products & services that they have. One that attracted me the most is the dietary supplement that they brought in from Germany/U.S was proven effective for cancer patients. One patient took it to during her chemotherapy and it helped heightened her immune system therefore less dosage of chemotherapy needed to be given. I was privileged enough to had a one on one chat with Datin and she even told me that one patient who had a brain tumor took the Curcumin supplement and the tumor distinctively got smaller. Interesting infos aye? I'll write more once I get my hands on a CD she plans on giving me.

We shopped Maysaa, 20% off y'all! Wished I had gotten my hand on the kimono wrap dress :'(((( Sparingly, one by one we were called for a short video interview by IkanPaos Collective - Hana's video guy. Luckily I had my interview with Aishah Amin, so I was less jittery. Except that I made a mistake of pronouncing chic as chick when it should be sheek. I really hope he edits it out! Afterwards we gathered again and played the Guessing Game. I sat next to Hana and she tagged me as Madonna, took me 5-6 questions to get it right, but Maria gave it away by saying the keyword leotard muehehe :P After the game, we had Hana open all the presents we gave her. We really do hope she love all the presents, I picked out a Mango/MNG necklace for her. Hope I made the right choice.

Alas, time passed by and it was time to go home. Everyone was reluctant & wanted to stay & linger more.. Hana & team gave us a two goodie bags, one from Rumah Tanjung & one from Maysaa and a pink/black helium balloon! I now have two Maysaa goodie bags in my closet, each time I open my closet everyday I see 'em :') As much as we don't want to, we said our final goodbyes to Hana and her team and to eachother.

But, don't worry coz we will come back to Rumah Tanjung, for our very own girly spa day. We got discount cards! Also, Rumah Tanjung caters only for ladies, so we don't have to worry about seeing other men in the next door or something. Very exclusive, hey we have ladies-only bus & commuter, why not a salon & spa right? Hopefully Hana Tajima & her friendly P.A, Puteri will be able to join us ;)

Last but not least, my deepest gratitude to Hana & Maysaa team for organizing such an event. Seeing the behind the scene video has proven how much work was invested on planning this. It was such a success that our Scarflet sisterhood became much stronger, we stand united because our hijab (& flair for fashion) made us closer ♥

To relive the moments of our fancy lil ol' English-Malaysian Tea Party, do watch this video Nfatin aka Honeypokapoka had made;

To know more about future Maysaa events do follow the brand & it's designer if you haven't already:


& last but not least thank you to my beloved husband, Nazrul Hisham for driving us girls to the event, picking up Emmy when she got lost on her way to Bukit Damansara, waited on us for the whole 5 hours and driving us safely back home. You're the best Scarflet manager ever, LOL! No, just kidding (we don't have any manager!). You're just the best! ♥



  1. you lucky lucky laidies :) wish i was there ! lovely hana and ami xoxo

  2. all hail ami the blogger!!
    very detailed n specific ami!! <3

  3. @sha, thank u dear :)

    @imen, wish i could come to tunisia :D

    @shea, haha thanks kesayangan!

  4. This looks like such fun. Nothing beats a good tea party with the girls. xx

  5. ah... cry! precisely well explained! :'D

  6. happy to see all of u sis...yay...<3

  7. Dear Ami,
    Minta kebenaran added your blog to mine ( dah letak pun ;p )
    Feel free to visit me.

  8. Awesome to the max, gorgy women, I love yalls! :D


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