WIWT: Mint & Peacock Pants

WHAT I WORE: Mint Satinsilk Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Inner turban from Sugarscarfbyriqa | Burnt orange roses top from Old Blossom Box | awesome super amazing batik-ish VINTAGE peacock printed harem pants (RM35!) from Keyon-yonan | White peep toe heels, my wedding shoes from Yunique Paradise |

Pearl brooch from Lalin as a souvenir from Sabah ♥
Alex Perry for Diva diamond strung cuff bracelet.
Peacock prints! Sort of a batik drawing type, love this pants to bits XD
Wedding heels, first time I'm wearing them after the wedding :)

Wore this outfit to a luncheon with my super scarflet sisters, beloved Sha Elaiza is leaving us soon for her studies in New Zealand. Had Mrs. Hana Tajima & stylish street-style photographer Mr. Nicholas & Johan from Garbagelapsap joining us. Had so much fun!

Same day, two styles!
Changed up the style as easy as 1, 2, 3! Had dinner with husband at Sri Nirwana, Bangsar. Yummy banana leaf rice oh my ♥

EDIT: Full report of the event is posted here.


  1. Great outfit!!

    I love your posts, I enjoy reading them, hopefully you can visit my blog and give any advice to make it better.

  2. ah mi...bilanya SSS nak launch? btw, i tengah cari tudung/selendang plain chiffon silk in off-white nih. agak2 nak cari kat mana? kalau u tetiba ada jual lemme know!

  3. those VINTAGE peacock printed harem pants are amazing on them..xx

  4. hye ami! ive been your silent reader for quite some time even before you wore the hijab. i just want to say that i love reading your blog because i am just so amazed at how beautiful you look with the hijab on. and even though you just recently wore it, yet you look a pro. keep it up ami :)

  5. @rabia, thank you so much dear! i was worried if the mint scarf didnt fit with the outfit but my husband approves so it did boost up my confidence :) shall visit ur blog insyaAllah..

    @cikinnaberry, thank you ;P

    @tina, dm!

    @lanoir, thank you love <3

    @azleen, thank you so much for following my blog :) i'm so glad i have such supportive friends around to help me through the transition. they also provide me with lots of tutorials and alhamdulillah guide me into being a better person. love my scarflet sisters :)

  6. *Fewwwit* =p

    Bright, happy colours totally suit you.

  7. sis ami, u've done it again..playing with colours and u nailed it! :))
    p/s:ur hubby cool la boley share2 opinion bout fashion smua...

  8. sis ami, u've done it again!playing with colours and u nailed it!
    p/s: ur hubby so cool la boley share opinion bout fashion stuff...

  9. Nice colour combination. Love the mint coloured shawl.

  10. I sooooo in love with your pants!!!


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