Farewell Lunch: Scarflets x Hana T x Garbagelapsap

WHAT: A farewell lunch & meet-up.
WHERE: Alexis, Gardens.
WHY: Dearest Sha Elaiza is leaving soon to New Zealand for her studies, her holiday has ended (boo!). In conjunction with that, to repay the good deed of Hana Tajima for inviting us to her tea party - we're treating her for lunch.
WHO: The one celebrated upon, Sha Elaiza. Special guests; Hana Tajima & her personal assistant Puteri Ezra, Nicholas & friend Johan from (Malaysia's own famous street-style photographer).

I first saw this lovely girl at LIVE FASHION/LOVE MUSIC event, mesmerized by her lovely elegance & presence but ofcourse was too afraid to say anything (I felt rather awkward being in a crowd, first event I went to after months in the hospital). Anyways, started reading her { blog } since then. She is such an inspiration for all her Islamic posts & modest style, someone I can actually look up to ~ feeling rather in sync coz she too has a flair for fashion. Finally get to meet her at lil Luqman's birthday party. Her soft demure & personality shines through in real life, which what made me hooked even more. Kept in contact since then, and she's one of the sisters that I'd always go to if I have any queries or doubts regarding Islam and she's been such a big help (being born as Muslim doesn't necessarily means we're perfectly educated in it, sometimes we make the wrong choices in life & sometimes we need to re-learn a few forgotten stuffs. Thank you Allah for still giving me that chance). Despite the fact that she's a lot younger than me, but I can't deny she's a whole lot wiser way beyond her years. She has inspired me to be a better person, I am really blessed to have known you dear ♥

Looking immensely awkward standing next to Hana T. Still can't get used to the fact I've actually met this girl before and everything. I still stutter whenever I talk to her, my spoken English could not have picked a better time to show all it flaws T_T. Chatted with her and when she asked about my first encounter with leukemia (updates!) I just wanted to burst into tears! Oh God, I'm such a sappy girl. Could barely talk after that and had to sit down haha LOL me. Poor Hana though, she tried consoling me by saying it's okay to cry and I don't need to be/appear strong all the time. Which eventually made it worst. I was a ball of messiness haha.

Hana Tajima is wearing a maxi dress from her new collection, which will be out for sale in a few months time (bummer, looks like we all have to wait).
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Anyways I calmed down and Emmy & Fira tried to put a smile on my face. The cutest thing ever :") Emmy holding up the gold colored Schanaz Scarf she bought from me. But ofcourse, my sisters gets exclusive preview & pre-sale :)

Nicholas & Johan from Garbagelapsap. First encountered Nicholas during ChicPop 6. Despite the fact that us Scarflets sisters were scattered all over the place at ChicPop, he managed to take photos of some of us individually. He contacted me through twitter asking whether I'm part of a gang, that was funny nonetheless & I showed him the scarflets photos and he said he's interested in doing a story about us. Hence I invited him to the event, kill two birds with one stone ;) He took style shots of us & shall publish them at his web, gradually. Thank you so much Nicholas for the photo invite, hope everything was up to par or at least I hope you got what you needed :)

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With the girls, invaded a whole large room at Alexis. When us girls get together, all we do is eat - take photos - take photos - talk - take photos - talk - take photos. Haha you can imagine all the cameras being snapped here & there! It was quite crazy coz there were so many of us!

The most VVIP of 'em all! Mr. Luqman Wazif and mom, Anna Joe ^_^ They arrived rather late after half the girls have already gone back. Well ofcourse the baby needs his midday nap, who could argue with that bundle of cuteness. Look at him sucking on his thumb. Awwwwwwwwwww!

Last but not least, featuring my baby scarflet sister - Fira Hanis. She's explaining how she wore her turban x scarf. Inspired by yours truly who's been rocking a turban & hijab every chance I could (hehe) and by the style of Arab Emirates stewardess. Let's all ask her for a tutorial! And isn't she the cutest? Honestly though, before I know her I thought she was an uptight girl (sorry baby) but was proven very very wrong coz she's actually a super soft-spoken and adorable girl, just like a baby. Haha, remember girls; TAK KENAL MAKA TAK CINTA. Never judge someone you don't know, they might have a different story than what you actually think :")

p/s: Details of what I wore is posted { here }. And did you check out the Oscars this morning? Here are some of my favorites.

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  1. love ur dress-ups!!will definitely keep 'stalking' ur

  2. amggg. fira comel gila lahh. mata ttbe terstim mcm tu pn nmpk comel gila!!

  3. @merahjamboo, aww thanks! stalk away :)

    @jenna, hehe best2 :)

    @farah, kannnnnn? cane ek kecomelan dia tu buat apa pun comel. isk isk baby

  4. hihihihihihihihi, gelak kuat kuat! wahahahhahaha. okay, nak nangis sbab teharu boleh? awwww, tak kenal maka x cinta! :')

  5. I think the ideas of Fira Hanis about turban x scarf is good idea. well-done to her!!


  6. Ami, can you not be so sweet boleh tak? =) *teary eyed* You're too generous with your compliments my dear. You're the inspiration! I'm so happy blogging has brought me to meet such amazing women like yourself. InshaAllah we'll see each other again soon. You should plan a trip to NZ ;) My house is always ready to welcome you!

  7. @sha, hold on sha imma fill up my jet full tank! be there in a sec ;)

    @fira *hugs*

    @fariza, waiting for a video tutorial from fira. ur gonna squeal hearing her sexy voice haha

  8. Hyaippp Ami...:)

    I Like the way u Dress-up...Sgt unik!

    Keep it up Ami...Nice to meet u :)


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