13 Mahoney/CJ7

Ahhhh CJ7 and Molly Mahoney :))))

Soo amazingly sweet + cute + sad all jumbled up in one. CJ7 is so freaking sad when it focuses on their poverty. I mean seriously, does anyone really lives like that?? I know the whole lot about being seriously utterly poor like in Africa or Vietnam but in CJ7 arghh it just tears my heart apart! Binatang CJ7 tu taklah comel sangat, although I saw a chinese guy toying with the cj7 stuff toy sambil menyanyi kegumbiraan di traffic jam sabtu lepas. I mean, eh?

Dan tak di lupa, Natalie Portman. Who never fails to give me an orgy everytime I see her laughing like crazy. So sweet with that doubley mole on her cheeks and her pixie haircut.

Anyway, hari ni hari cuti lagi untuk department aku and yang berkaitan. Tapi aku datang opis macam biasa, lepak kantin for breakfast and hog internet. Aku ada kerja sikit nak buat tapi tengah tunggu PIC datang bagi material. Ah! Lupa pula nak bawa borang cukai tahunan(??) aka borang EA(??) and resit-resit. Hari ini LHDN and Zakat datang open counter di kantin depan.
____ __ __
Baru balik dari kantin depan, selesai bertanya-tanya dengan org LHDN and isi borang potongan zakat. Senang!Oklah, nak pergi buat kerja sikit.

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