Natasha Hudson's Baby Shower

Organized a mini baby shower for darling friend & sister Natasha Hudson who is about to pop anytime soon now. Although this blog is updated two weeks later with the photos, I hope I'm not too late to show it before baby girl is born teeeheeee :P

The party was done at Joe's Kitchen / Barber Shop, y'know the owner who is actually Joe Flizzow quite conveniently created a kitchen at the back for food & beverage area & a cool barber shop at the front. Ofcourse the kitchen was closed for our private party that evening. Thanks to Carleed, Tasha's hubby for getting the place! 
Yummy foodie from Joe's Kitchen ♥

Sweet confectionery from Iza the party decorator & cupcakes from Shakira Sahil

Tasha, Auntie Tina, Tania & Nessa. Beautiful bunch of ladies ♥

Cheeky Nessa! LOL!

Tasha & Jue.

Me & Zaza

Me & Sarah both handled the invites, I wouldn't be able to do it without her honestly ♥

Check out the details on the cake! Tasha's own mom made it for her, super sweet right??

Amazing detailing right?? She takes order for customized wedding & birthday cakes as well, just email her (Auntie Tina / Ratna) at

Cake cutting time! 
Awwwwwww ♥

Lovely Tania Hudson ♥

Tasha, hope you had a wonderful time with the mini gathering baby shower. Forgive me for any shortcomings and hope the lil baby's birth will be smooth & easy and she will grow up to be someone who is mama super duper proud of, amin ♥

Lots of love!



  1. both of u r close friend.. so sweet

  2. lovely...the pink and light yellow so soothing for the baby girl in the tummy...i hope i will be mother soon :)

  3. bestnyer Ami............ comel n happening ker baby shower tu.. :)

  4. omaigod, yg very the special part baby ats kek whoaaaa superb ^^

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