My Favorite Look Under RM200 c/o HK Station, Sungei Wang

Hello everyone, so it's been awhile since I last talk about my shopping experience but today I have something super nice to share! I was actually invited by HK Station @ Sungei Wang Plaza to try & shop for looks under RM200 and also model the clothes. This is super exciting coz who doesn't love cheap deals am I right?? Well look no further coz Sungei Wang Plaza has created a whole floor for your shopping experience at such low low prices! I know the place can be quite confusing at times, even I was afraid I would get lost but I just straight away went to the Yellow & Orange section and take the lift there to Level 6 and voila I've arrived!

Infront of the lift at Level 6 which looked like I just stepped out of the LRT, lolz.

Crazy shopping begins!

RM25 soft cotton cardigans I wish I had bought! T_T

RM39 blazer! Yummeh ♥

These tops are only RM25! 

Love love looooove ♥

Purses & bags that starts as low as RM10, perfect as gift ideas aye?

Got myself this billowy sleeved chiffon top at only RM25, yippee!

Geometric print peplum top ♥ I think I'm gonna come back to get this one, they even have it in different colors!

RM10 glasses that made me feel like Harry Potter teeheee :P

As you can see there are a lot of different shops in this floor, just walk around and try on (if the seller allows it) anything that attracts you because chances are you probably won't get them as low as this anywhere else in the country hehe.. 

This bag is really cute!

Anyways after walking around, I finally manage to get some stuffs :D
Wanna see what I brought home?? For under RM200 I got myself 5 items :D

- Chiffon Top from Me Plus Fashion House (6-89)
- Balloon Top from Epese Fashion (6F-7b & c)
- Dress, 1 Crop Jacket and 1 Floral Pants from Star House (6F-16c)

And then I wore the chiffon top & pants to enter MY FAVOURITE LOOK competition held by HK STATION, Sungei Wang! Can you actually believe that all the looks that was put together are each under RM200? Crazy amazing right?! :D You don't even need big bucks to look good, proven right by the looks all these awesome bloggers put together (ehem including me lulz)

Please vote for my look!

I have another look which I tried on from another shop, click here to register & vote. And by the way, as voters you also stand a chance to win RM100 HK Station Voucher! So vote vote vote ♥

And don't forget to drop by Sungei Wang Plaza, go to Yellow or Orange zone and take the lift to Level 6.
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  1. ohmygod, the bags are only rm10?? bole jd gilaa,hahah..
    balloon top comel sgt!!:D
    1 vote for you,goodluck sis! :)

  2. beautiful top, dress, bag, purse and everything really cute..:)


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