NOTE: All photos were taken prior to posting date, done sometime in April 2011 therefore it does not depict my current condition of health. But hey, no harm in participating right? :)

Day 1 (May 30) - Work Wear
Us girls got to make some money! What would you wear in a professional environment?

Schanaz Scarf Royal Purple from SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART (will be updated with new stocks tomorrow!)
Ruffled Back Blazer from The Shoplifters
Floral Bow Blouse from SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART (available in facebook, only in red!)
Equestrian pants from The Shoplifters
Pink suede pumps from ZARA
Vintage box bag

Let's just pretend that I work in an office for a while coz working as an engineer in Sony doesn't really requires me to put on formal work-wear and working from for Shop SputnikSweetheart is pretty much me and my pajamas. Do you like my look?

A little introduction about Hijab Fashion Week;

Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) is an international event drawing readers from more than 70 countries. The main purpose of HFW is to provide inspiration for fashionably modest yet, hijab friendly attire for all types of occasions. It's a little like Fashion Week, but online, and our version of it. HFW is a semiannual event held in May and November. During the event, Muslim bloggers showcase new looks everyday for a week under a variety of different categories, ranging from work to weekend wear and everything in between. Despite it's name, HFW isn't only for Muslims or Hijabis, it's for anyone with an interest in dressing fashionably modest. As HFW continues to grow, we hope it will bring modest Muslimah into the world of fashion, and InshaAllah (God willing) increase our influence in the fashion realm.
To find out more on Hijab Fashion Week and how you can join in the fun, go over to LOVE HFW and check out all the looks from other participants all over the world!